Dia 2 reservoirs some of some translations improved

Blizzard is a Diablo 2: Re-transfers some Korean translations that have applied to reserves to existing legacy styles.

Easy clicking/kiting/looting with the Force Move Trick (Diablo 3)

The appropriate change point disclosed through the official website of Blizzard on the last 10 days is to play Diablo 2 over the last 20 years and can be seen for the unfavorable players. Blizzard said it expects to relieve the inconvenience of item identification, transaction, and information exchange through this translation.

First, change the name of about 500 weapons and armor to the transliteration. Modify some of the examples of the existing legacy translation, but also some of the expressions that do not meet the author or era. It is a representative example to adjust the Ballista to a Balistor.

And change some of the unique monsters (super unique monsters) that appear in the game to the transliteration. It is a decision to determine that the monsters will judge in a unique noun considering the issue of the proportion and existing user’s identification in the game.

In addition, the name of the prefix, the prefix, the name of the potion and the jewelry, the name of the prefix, the rune, and the localization of the localization of the technical name, area, and various objects that were mentioned through Beta Test Feedback. The changes are applied to the PC version in the case of the PC version, and the console platform will be sequentially applied to the update schedule of each console.

Meanwhile, Blizzard mentioned that Diablo 2: Limeration introduces the ability to select the text in the game and the voice language in the game, respectively. As a result, choosing English text and English voice can be selected as desired. The setting can also be applied to cinematic images.