Fortnite Dive Challenges Finish the entire mission of Chapter 2 Season 1 Week 8

All Fortnite Dive Challenges and Missions explains and how to collect the reward item

If you need help to master all the Fortnite Dive Challenges, we are here to help you. After focusing on Supply Drops at first, you have to complete multiple floating time trials and harm opponents with different methods, while you visit some new areas of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1. It is definitely worthwhile to master so many of these challenges as possible. Thanks to the incredible 52,000 EP, which you unlock for each completed challenge, you will be led to the higher ranks in Fortnite without delay. Continue reading and we explain everything you need to know to master the Fortnite Dive Challenges. In addition, we instruct you in the direction of other relevant guides to ensure that you do things as easy as possible.

Fortnite Dive challenges

The eighth set of challenges is based on the procurement of water-based inventories and activities, regardless of whether swimming attempts around the lake are completed or the various skills of the Harpun pistol are used.

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Insert descending supply drops damage (200)

If Supply Drops fall from the sky, you can shoot your balloons to damn it and drop them faster. Within the circle during a Team Rumble game, this is due to the number of falling supply drops the easiest place to try this.

Eliminations at Hydro 16 or Holly Hedges (3)

We all know that Holly Hedges is a named place in the west of the island. If you are looking for Fortnite Hydro 16, then you will find this fortnite landmark east of Slurpy Swamp am Dam.

search a supply drop within 10 seconds after its landing (3)

During the opening phase of a team-Rumble game, many supply drops fall. So go to a landing place when this is displayed on the map and set your claim for landing. If you build a protective wall around it, you can protect yourself from someone’s wrenched poacher.

Complete the floating time tests at Lazy Lake and east of Hydro 16. (2)

Close to the symbol on the water to start with every time trial, and then swim through the goals to finish it. Both are located in the southern lake, with Lazy Lake in the East and Hydro 16 in the West.

Eliminations without visor (3)

You would like to approach your opponents close and personally to eliminate them without going to goals to goals, and although they can do this with every weapon, you should do something powerful as a shotgun or a quickfire like a storm rifle or use SMG.

Take an object, draw an opponent and catch a fish with a harpoon (3)

The Harpunen weapon can be fired on items and opponents to pull them on you, and you also have to shoot them on a fishing place to complete this challenge.

Include opponents within 30 seconds after using a glider (1)

Team Rumble is the best place to take this as you can immediately immerse yourself in the action as soon as you have collected some weapons. Therefore, it should be a breeze to harm within 30 seconds.

Search 2 chests within 30 seconds (3)

Beat an area before other players arrive, and then follow the beep to open a few chests within 30 seconds.

Harvest wood within 60 seconds after landing from the Battle Bus in a single game (300)

They want to land somewhere with lots of wood and harvest as soon as they land to reach this – of course, Wailing Woods is full of trees, but they will also find many of them northeast of Frenzy Farm, and there are all the hedges around Holly Hedges.

causes damage within 30 seconds with 2 different weapons (1)

This should be pretty easy. Remember to switch to another weapon in your inventory as soon as you have done damage to the first weapon.

Search the hidden, e ‘in the dive! Load screen (1)

After completing at least eight Fortnite Dive Challenges, you will receive a new charging screen for your problems that contains another hidden letter. Visit our main guide who treats the hidden letters of Fortnite in charging screens, and we show you where to go to browse the hidden, e ‘.