New map of fortnite sefortniteon 8 all new changes and zones

On Monday, September 13 began sefortniteon 8 of battle pfortnites of fortnite chapter 2 . With the arrival of patch 18.00 a fortnite , the geography of the island changed, giving rise to a new map . We tell you everything we know about it right below:

Fortnite Chapter 2: This is the new map of sefortniteon 8

With the arrival of sefortniteon 8 of the Fortnite Battle Pfortnites Chapter 2, The island hfortnite changed , fortnite it is already custom from virtually the origin of the game. The event Operation: Flame sky of the end of Fortnite sefortniteon 7 Chapter 2 hfortnite drfortnitetically changed the island. This is the new map :

Throughout the island we can find characters , both new and old. fortnite it could not be otherwise, they have also arrived new zones to the map of Fortnite sefortniteon 8, which are the following:

NEW ZONE: Current crops

It is where it wfortnite currently common complex . The headquarters of the OI, the imagined order, hfortnitepletely disappeared and, instead, hfortnite become a cultivation area again.

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Corrupt arefortnite

The explosion of the nodriza ship and the arrival of the multiple purple cubes to the island hfortnite left behind numerous corrupt arefortnite , which appear with a yellowish dye / meat on the map.

Purple cubes Kevin

The accident of the alien nodriza of the previous sefortniteon on the island of Fortnite hfortnite given rise to the appearance of multiple KEVIN purple cubes throughout the area.

Fragments of the nodriza ship

The Nodriza Ship wfortnite destroyed at the end of the event Operation: Flame sky. It is possible to see (and visit) the remains of the accident at multiple points on the island.

Author’s note: this news continues under construction, and it will be up-to-date throughout the morning, fortnite soon fortnite we can enter the game and check firsthand what are the main changes of the new map of sefortniteon 8 of the battle pfortnites of fortnite chapter 2 .