From tomorrow you can finally have your PS5

Manufacturer Sony has an update for the PlayStation 5 announced and finally install SSD memory for your PS5 games. The most important information for installation and what the update else brings, we show you on Meinmmo.

What is this for an update? Sony rolls on 15 September a big update for some services of the PlayStation ecosystem. The September System Software Updates bring enhancements for the PS4, the PlayStation app and remote play. But PS5 players can also be pleased about innovations:

The update allows the installation of internal M.2 SSD hard disks
Improvements of general user experience (UX)
3D audio support for TV speakers

Especially the activation of the internal SSD slots is likely to look forward to many players and is the highlight for owners of a PS5. MeinmMo shows you details about the new hard disk feature and more information about the update. Sony also has published an English trailer for September update, which we integrate here:

September update brings more memory to the PS5

When is the update? When exactly the update is available on your console, is currently not exactly saying. The blog entry of PlayStation speaks of morning , that would be 15th of September, and a global distribution.

What is new now? So far, the internal slot was available for a M.2 SSD in the PS5, but not functional. After the update, you can install suitable M.2 SSD and thus expand your PS5 memory. Only participants of a beta program could use the internal hard disk slot so far.

What SSDs can I use? The support specifications for your new internal hard drive look like this:

In addition, Sony recommends corresponding heat sinks for the hard drives, which you also need to attach to the SSD even if your hard drive does not have a pre-assembled heat sink. A selection with matching hard drives can be found here.

You can install up to 4 TB PS5 memory over the internal slot. Once again, look past the Sony website with the requirements for the M.2 SSD in a PS5 when you decide you for a purchase (via

Learn here, what happens if you incorporate the wrong SSD into the PS5.

How do I build the SSD? Sony indicates that you only need a supported M.2 SSD, a matching screwdriver and good light in the room to install the new hard drive. PlayStation also has already uploaded a step by step instructions on YouTube. Currently there are these only in English:

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Why is a larger SSD important? To start the absorbed PS5 versions of games, the games must be stored on the internal SSD. This makes only a little more than 650 GB available for the library. Large games like Call of Duty, FIFA or Destiny 2 take a good part of the square. With the new update, this memory can finally be expanded for the PS5 versions.

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Improvements in user experience is available on top

What brings the September update for PS5? As more highlights, the blog calls customizations for better operation and setting possibilities, as well as the support of 3D audio via TV speakers.

So you can now customize your Control Center yourself. This is the menu bar if you press the PS button once briefly. The order of the displayed functions can be adapted to the update and you can also hide symbols. In addition, the Game Base and thus the party and message system improves. MeinMMO author Philipp Hansen will be happy, he had his problems with the social features of the PS5.

In addition, you can see the PS4 and PS5 version of a game separated from each other in your library and your current playing. So far, the option was hidden with the different versions behind a small options icon, now the games are quasi separated.

There are also smaller adjustments to social features and trophies, as well as the new option that you can use the 3D audio capabilities of your TV. For this, however, you need a TV that has corresponding built-in speakers.

If you want to look a bit the details of the innovations yourself, you will find all information about the September update in the PlayStation Blog (via

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Sony turns off the longcoming SSD slot of the PS5 and lets you enjoy much more games with the speed of fast hard drives. But you can even install the hard drive with a little skill itself, but should be very careful in choosing the right model and the appropriate heat sink. But are not very excessive when installing the hard drive and risk damage to the console. The PS5 is still hard to get.