A Matter Of Time is the 109th episode of the American sci-fi television series Celebrity Trek: The Future Generation, and also the 9th episode of the fifth period. It broadcast in syndication on November 18, 1991.
Establish in the 24th century, the collection adheres to the experiences of the Starfleet staff of the Federation starship Enterprise-D.
In this episode, the team’s efforts to conserve the occupants of Penthara IV from the devastating consequences of a substantial planet strike are disturbed by the arrival of Berlinghoff Rasmussen, a purported chronicler from the 26th century, that claims to be studying their era. The instead interested nature of Rasmussen’s inquiries concerning the 24th century, as well as his interest in event– and also swiping– technological artifacts from the Enterprise-D, make Troi and the others increasingly questionable of his origins.
The episode won an Emmy for exceptional visual impacts.

After posting the Nether update for Minecraft, it was only a matter of time before the next update of the game is announced. We now know that the last update will focus on the highest and lowest altitudes: cliffs and caves.

This update will add many new monsters, both hostile and passive, such as fierce Warden, the adorable Glow Squid and the adorable and fierce Axolotl. There is a new ore, new factories and new biomes, but when will everything come out?

Shadowverse x Shadowverse Anime Leader Ignis Dragon
First of all, do not expect this year. The developers of Mojang like to tease them around a year. Second, although we have been aware of most of the new components of the update itself, developers have not yet given an exit date or specific months.

That said, they confirmed that the update of Caves & Cliffs should go out in the summer of 2021.

The major updates of the game fell every summer months, so it is impossible to say if this update will take place in June, July or August, but as the weather approaches, there is a good chance. that the actual output date is revealed.