PS4 update 9 00 Lets you finally ps5

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In addition to a large update for Sony’s PS5, the PS4 also has a new update with version 9.00. All innovations that brings the new update for your console can be found here.

When is the update live? The update is available today, September 15, 2021.

How big is the update: The PS4 update has a size of 490 MB.

patch notes for the PS4 update in September 2021

Update 9.00 brings several innovations for your PS4 listed on the Official PlayStation Blog. Here you will find them in the overview (via dual stools):

You can now look at PS5 trophies on the PS4: You can now see the PS5 trophies that you or other people who earn you while playing, and they show them in your profile and your trophies list .
Delete Party Chats: If your owner is in a party chat, you now have the option to completely delete them. For that you just have to open the options and select Delete Party . This also deletes the party chat for all members without removing them individually.
Block and leave party chat: If you block someone and be with the person in a party chat, you can now leave the party chat directly. This will not leave any party chats in which you are with other players.
You can use mobile data for PS Remote Play: If you access your PS4 with Android, iOS or iPados via PS Remote Play, you can now also use mobile data if no WLAN is available.
Improved parental control: If children want to use communication functions in games, parents will now receive a notification on the PS4 or PlayStation app. Children also receive a notification if their parents accept or reject the request.
Notifications on new products and offers: You can now select whether you want to be informed on the PS4 or by mail when there are new products or special offers. For this, you go to the console settings, dial accounts, then account information and your communication preferences.

Great PS5 update brings innovations

In addition to the PS4, the PS5 has also got a big update, which unlocks the hot expected SSD memory extension among other things. If you want to know what’s included in the new update, you will find all information about the patch in our overview.

What do you think of the innovations for the PS4? is something interesting for you?