NARAKA BladePoint new character Sanjo Sanjo Added update delivery The first official tournament participant is also recruiting

Neteauase has published the latest update information to add new characters Sanjo (Sanjo) to the swordsman’s BladePoint .

A new character Sanjo (Sanjo) is a female character called the Ryuo of the Heavy Sea. She is good at control skills, and techniques such as Farm Weaf and the opponent to be drowned and Absui Nightmare , which will constrain their opponents. Character skins and weapon skins, such as three daughters and temples, will also appear.

In addition, the entry to the first tournament Morus cup held on September 26, 2021 is currently recruiting the entry until September 22. It is possible to participate in the solo / trio sector, and a prize for higher prizes is also available. For the outline of the tournament and the application form, please visit the special site.

NARAKA: BladePoint is being delivered for PC (STeam).