PS4 After the new update 9 00 players complain about mistakes and problems

Sony has presented for the PlayStation 4 with the update 9.00 improvements for the console. But Reddit complains a number of users about mistakes that go to the crash of the console.

With the update 9.00 Sony supplies the load-gene console PS4 with new functions. So the interaction with the PS5 should work better and you can see on the PS4 your trophies that you have collected on the PS5.

But now there is some comments on Reddit, who complain about problems with the update. The problems start with difficulty downloading up to a broken console that can not be started.

Why does it need the update? Who not update his console, which can not access the online services of Sony and the PlayStation network (PSN). This includes, in addition to the possibility of playing online too, the PlayStation Store.

Start your PlayStation 4 and connects you to the internet, call for the console to install the update. If you do not want to install the update, then you have to do without the online services.

User complain about crashes and broken consoles

In a reddit thread, the users discuss 9.00 (via via the new update. And here some users complain that they have great problems with the update or had had.

What mistakes are there?

The update can not be downloaded or needs forever during installation.
Some games are no longer fluid, the frame rate breaks.
The update ensures an error code and can not be installed.
In some cases, the PS4 console does not drive up anymore, all consoles (PS4, Pro and Slim) are affected.
Some apps should not work anymore.
Some complaints that your external hard drive is no longer read.

Who is affected? It is also interesting that not all users affected by the same problems and that all consoles (PS4, Pro and Slim) have equally problems. No user has all mentioned problems, but often only one of them.

According to Reddit, the most common problem is the error that you can not install the update.

Through the scarcity of PS5 consoles, many users in the PlayStation network should still use their PS4 for gambling. Because so far there are hardly games for which a PS5 really could be worthwhile:

It is unclear how many users are affected

Who has problems? How many users are actually affected by the problem, we can not tell you. At the current date, the reddit thread has 358 comments and 190 upvotes.

In the PlayStation network (PSN), however, around 100 million users are traveling with their consoles. It can therefore also be mistakes that have little to do with the actual update.

Basically, we do not know how users have updated their consoles. Did the users already have problems before or did not have any difficulties before the update? With us, the update in the PlayStation 4 Pro has worked perfectly perfectly and we were also able to use online mode.

Sony has not expressed itself to the problems, so we have no official figures, how many users are finally truly affected.

The PlayStation 5 also has a large update with the PlayStation 4. The most important function is certainly the support of SSD hard drives, which you can now install in your console. All important information about the PS5 update, we have summarized here on Meinmmo for you.


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