Valheim Hearth Home The first expansion of the successful Viking game is now available

The long-awaited Update of Valheim is finally available since September 16. Together with new roofs and cooking recipes for your cozy home, this first content patch also offers you other quality of life, weapons and other features that are intended to add interest to the game.

In short, this great update now allows you to create dark wood ceilings and skylights, try new cooking recipes and create a cauldron, name your animals, share the map, try new weapons or even create lots of treasures.

Complete notes of the patch

General improvements

Balance of weapons (all weapons have been reviewed so that they are more viable as a main weapon and have unique game styles).
The blocking system has been reviewed (the current maximum life greatly affects your ability to block attacks).
The ability to put a nickname to domesticated animals was added.
Sensitivity configurations were added.
A button for automatic collection was added.
Graphic configurations.
Domesticated animals are affected by friendly fire, unless they are deactivated.
Various other balance sheets and corrections of errors.


Foods have been reviewed (most food now mainly develop resistance or health to make the choice of food more interesting).

Channel Update | FALLING IN LOVE WITH A NEW GAME GENRE | September 2021
The graphic food interface has been reviewed to make it work better.
More than ten new foods to eat.


Domar Lox now has a purpose.
New locations and creatures were added to the plains.
Now you can plant birches, oaks and onions.


New weapons: glass battle ax and silver knife
New shields: shield of the tower of bone and iron shield
Butcher knife (gun for domesticated animals).
Thunder stone (sold by the merchant).
New accessories related to LOX.


New pieces of dark wood construction, such as tile roofs, beams, decorations, etc.
New types of furniture, including a stone throne and a Viking hydromassage bathtub.
Glass walls.
New types of batteries to exhibit your treasures and resources.
Calderous improvements: spices, butcher table, pots and pans.
Map table (to share maps data with other players).
Oven (to make bread and cakes).
Removable added (the elements disappear).
Iron cooking station (necessary to cook certain types of meat).

You can check the entire official announcement in Steam de Valheim s profile. There you will find more information.