The Heer as the German military and part of the Wehrmacht acquired its uniforms and rank structure from the Reichsheer of the Weimar Republic (1921– 1935). There were few modifications as well as adjustments made as the military expanded from a restricted peacetime protection pressure of 100,000 men to a war-fighting force of several million guys.
These ranks and also insignia were specific to the Heer and in grandfather clauses to elderly Wehrmacht policemans in the independent solutions; the uniforms as well as rank systems of the various other branches of the Wehrmacht, the Luftwaffe (Flying Force) as well as Kriegsmarine (Navy), were various, as were those of the SS which was a Party company outside the Wehrmacht. The Nazi Event additionally had its very own collection of paramilitary uniforms and insignia.

Update from 16 September:
We have updated the message with the German patch notes of 14 September.

Original message from 14 September:
For the upcoming ID change to World of Warcraft (Buy Now 14.99 €) Blizzard played some hotfixes on the live servers. On the one hand, thanks to the player s feedback, the developers have found a way to optimize performance in the fight against Sylvana s windmen in the current RAID sanctum of rule. On the other hand, they increase the closing time that you must lie down in the mythic plus version of the theater of pain.

In addition, a mistake has been fixed for disarmed weapons warriors, which the debuff was not applied by Colossal Schmetzer via War Breaker . And witch champions can not place Demonic circle no longer through the medium Kilrogg s tornness , while the eye of Kilrogg is not on the ground.

Below you read the official English patch notes. As soon as Blizzard has published the German patch notes, we update this message. Hotfixes are updates that are made server-side without having to download new data. Some of the changes listed below occur as soon as Blizzard implements it, whereas others show effect only after an announced realm tree start. Please note that some problems can not be resolved without a client-side patch.

WOW Hotfixes of September 14 2021 – Patch Notes


Demonic Circle can no longer be placed with the Medium Kilroggs Tornness while the eye of Kilrogg is not on the ground.
An error has been fixed, through which the talent Warbrecher opponent did not occupy with the weakening effect of colossal Schmetzern when the warrior was disarmed during use.

Dungeons and battles

The Sanctum of Rule
Sylvana s wind runners
[ After the server launch ] The game power when starting the first two phases of the encounter has been optimized.
COMMENT OF THE DEVELOPMENT: Thanks to news from the community, we have found a way to optimize the processes that have led to performance incubators at the beginning of the struggle and at the beginning of the second combat phase (the bridge scene) .
An error has been fixed, by which fog warches were preferably given to compliant arrow in Phase 3.
An error has been fixed, by which both tanks could be called by a single use of black arrow .
An error has been fixed, through the dark guards anger could act on goals that have just been hit by black arrow .
The theater of pain
[ After the server launch ] The time limit for completion of mythical + was increased to 38 minutes (previously 37 minutes).

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