WoW German patch Notes of the hotfixes of 08 September 2021

Valorant (elegant as VALORANT) is a free-to-play first-person hero shooter established and also released by Riot Gamings, for Microsoft Windows. First teased under the codename Project A in October 2019, the video game began a closed beta period with restricted access on April 7, 2020, complied with by an official launch on June 2, 2020. The growth of the video game started in 2014.

Update from 09. September:
The Blizzard developers have published the German patch notes of the WoW hotfixes of 08. September. We have updated the message accordingly.

Original message from 08. September:
As you know, the Blizzard developers want WOW patch 9.1.5 completely abolish the media energy . But it will take a few weeks for us to enjoy this adaptation. Currently there are an indication that the upcoming update for World of Warcraft could appear in mid-October .

And what do you do if a wound is bleeding, the complete healing can still be waiting? Exactly, you improve the location with a patch! And exactly such a patch has supplied Blizzard in the form of a hotfix last night. With today s ID change, all players should recover ten instead of a media energy per day every day. The explanation of developers: until the system is completely removed, one would at least make sure that the media energy loses its role as a significant restriction.

Below you read the official English patch notes. As soon as Blizzard has published the German patch notes, we update this message. Hotfixes are updates that are made server-side without having to download new data. Some of the changes listed below occur as soon as Blizzard implements it, whereas others show effect only after an announced realm tree start. Please note that some problems can not be resolved without a client-side patch.

WOW Hotfixes of 08. September 2021 – patch notes


Medieval energy now regenerates 10 per day (previously 1 per day).
201 Conventional comment: We remove medieval energy as a system in the upcoming patch 9.1.5, but until then we wanted to implement a transitional solution that ultimates the media restrictions in principle.

Objects and rewards

The weakening effect of the speech of the true heart can no longer affect the same goal several times.

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