Diablo IV is an approaching dungeon spider activity role-playing game created by Snowstorm Enjoyment, the 4th title in the Diablo series. The game was announced at BlizzCon 2019 on November 1, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox One. A launch date has not been revealed by Snowstorm Home entertainment; nevertheless, it has actually been validated that the game will not be launched in 2021. Collection attributes such as re-playable, procedurally created dungeons, and loot-focused character-building are returning, while new features such as an open world, as well as gamer versus player (PVP) interactions are integrated. 4 playable courses have been introduced– Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid, and Rogue– every one of which have shown up in the series. Players lead their character via missions as well as combat on the planet of Haven as the as soon as banished Lilith returns to unleash mayhem.

The end content of Diablo 2 is ladder. Because there is a rune word and items that can be combined only on the ladder server, the users who enjoy the game are done in order to get the key items in the six months of the ladder season. There were many users who thought that the ladder system is equally maintained in Diablo 2 reserves that have been released until the rise.

In August, Diablo 2 reservoir production was found to be a hot topic that they could find ladder-only runundations and unique items in the unknown play. The core system that supported the ladder system has changed one. As a result, Diablo 2 reservoir Robgarlani, director of Dustin King Art Director, and the Dustin King Art Director on the Diablo 2 reservoir.

Q. The original was tough to acquire advanced runeward without a copy bug. Rune acquisition Do you have a probability adjustment plan?

Robgallelani (hereinafter: There is no idea to change live service balance in the current situation. I will continue to look at the situation and I will tell you if your thoughts change.

Q. We had to consume many Jordan rings for Uber Diablos. In Diablo reservoirs, it is determined that it is highly difficult to consume the same amount of junior ring. I wonder if I have to adjust this.

Rop: There are two measures for this. We are looking at economic statistics on Jordan ring, and if necessary, you are thinking about the consumption of the Jerminese ring or acquisition rate. Forever Diablo is also summoned in offline single plates, in which case it was adjusted to consume only Jordan ring.

Q. Are you preparing for end content such as 3 vs.? I wonder what’s going to come true to users after ending.

Rop: The end content of Diablo 2 is to challenge the higher difficulty of penetrating the increasingly lower item acquisition. We focused on how to quickly break the most difficult difficulty with someone who has a better item and a build that utilized this. Of course, I also considered the new content for new content, but it was important to take a good basis for the game in the present time.

Q. So far, I felt that I was concentrating on the first film and two memories, and I felt that I have hidden it from the third membrane to the five memories.

Dustin King (Dustin): We are looking forward to expecting our backwards. Especially in the case of the case of the Code, everyone will be a new experience.

Q. Since its formal launch, Diablo 2 reserves is wondering.

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Rop: The first time it will focus on server stability. I am looking for a ladder while keeping in the continuing to figure out whether there is no malfunction or bug. I think that it is better to have a ladder server and run a ladder server. When I said before, the ladder does not open at the time of release.

Q. I wonder when the ladder season is introduced .

Rop: It is difficult to speak a clear date of the new ladder season, but it seems to be able to speak soon after the release. Now it is priority to grasp the stability of the game. However, the ladder period may vary from before. The ladder of Original Diablo 2 was six months, and there were people who think it was long. But it is too short to make it three months like Diablo 3. I will tell you about this part.

Q. The ladder period suggested that it could be shorter than 6 months, but it was a short break from the user who enjoyed the game deeply. I wonder if there is no room for less than six months, or it is planning to adjust through a few attempts like the original time.

Rop: The ladder period is important to set the correct period from the beginning. To date, it is ideal to catch up to six months or less. Of course, basically, ladder content actively listen to fans as much as the fans’ satisfaction.

Q. Diablo 2 The resources of the original was a lot of lost resources, and I wonder how they resolved this. Will you create a new resource, or what is it somewhere?

Dustin: It is true that there was some loss, but it is not all lost. I tried to collect all the remaining things, and I have a lot of reference materials and each time I studied and educate. We analyzed the core through reverse engineering, and the concept of cinematic rendering in the past could be found enough.

Q. In addition to gold coins automatic picking or shared storage, do you have a convenience system that keeps you in mind in the future?

Rop: Already added many convenience, such as auto-faming, item stats comparison, friend invitation, acceptance sharing, and coloring correction. In addition, there are overlapping jewelry and potions. We are checking the balance or economy of the game.

Q. Recent testing has been found in some optimization and server stability in terms of server stability. In launching these parts will be improved well?

Rop: There was three tests, including private, and the server delay problem is improved each time the test proceeds. It is because the player is constantly checking and the area required is expanding the server. Other problems will be processed as soon as possible.

Q. The position of the character is still there is still a position where the position suddenly moves to the other side. Is it fixed to a full version?

Rop: This is because the problem appears because the location of the user’s computer and the server is different. I know how to improve and fix it.

Q. Copying, Bot, Map Nucleus is wondering if it is originally available.

Rop: I am working as much as possible and I am wearing a tremendous time. The goal is to make it impossible, but there are still many people trying. Continuously monitoring, improving work is underway.

Q. Cross Saves are applied, do not you have to support cross-play?

Rop: Cross play is considered. But I do not know when I could apply it. It is a sub-compatibility of console models that can be supported right now. For example, it is possible to enjoy PS4 and PS5 players together.

Q. Nintendo switch version resolution, screen frame specification, etc.

Rop: Once the dock mode and the portable mode are supported every moment, we support 30 frames per second. In the case of mobile mode, the resolution wrote a lot of nerves. As long as the screen itself becomes smaller, I care about the fonts and icons in detail.

Dustin: It will be a very special experience in that Diablo 2 can be enjoyed by portable devices.