PlayStation 4 players are careful with the new PS4 update that supposedly breaks the consoles

Yesterday a new PS4 update was launched with some new and large features. Nicknamed 9.0, the new update of the system software focused mainly on trophies, use remote and parental controls, and at the beginning, its implementation seems to have gone without problems. However, since then, users of PS4 have begun to report problems with the update and the various error screens they are receiving, as Error SU-42118-6 . It is not clear what is unleashing these problems, and at this time, although they are varied, they do not seem to be frequent, so the update should be safe to download, but if you want to be more careful, it can be prudent postponing the download of the update . Until more information arises. Of course, if you do this, you will not be able to access certain functions, such as the ability to play online games, but you can avoid problems over which players have been reporting. The PS4 Reddit page.

According to several reports, the update is causing a large number of problems, and the most serious problems cause the console to be blocked or, in other words, that it is ineffective at best. In fact, some even report that the update has completely blocked its console, which is rare, but we have seen it happen not only with unreliable updates, but also due to games with errors. Next, you can consult a list of commonly notified problems.

Network and DNS errors
Controller lock
Console running slow
Inaccessible PlayStation Store
Can not open websites
You can not install the update
The update does not end

At the time of publication, Sony has not addressed any of these reports with any kind of comment. At this time, the update has not been eliminated or modified either. If this changes, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. Meanwhile, for more coverage especially with PlayStation, including everything from PS4 and PS5 to PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus, click here.