Diablo 2 Resurrected Blizzards What happened so far Story

Am 23 . September Returns Diablo, the Lord of Horror, in Diablo 2 Resurrected back to chaos and destruction everywhere. But Diablo is not the only villain who wants to influence the cosmic skills of countless worlds and fate of mortals. Behind him is a tremendous army of malicious creatures, which is just waiting to be released on humanity. It lies on brave heroes like us to close the gates to hell and to repure the devilish army of the Hellenf├╝rsten.

The story of Diablo 2 briefly summarized

Behind the Story of the Hack & Slay Classic from 2000 is more than you think: What does it have with the demons and angels? And what role does people play in this eternal war? To answer these and many other Lore questions, Blizzard published shortly before the Launch of Diablo 2: Resurrected a comprehensive what happened so far -Story articles in which you get all the important information about the start of the Hack & Slay Classic. Here is a small excerpt:

Since the first beginning, light and darkness were in an everlasting war called the eternal conflict . Both sides fought for the rule over the entire creation. On one side of the conflict, the angels of the high skies stood – warriors who Angiris Council of Archangel were led and believed that only perfect order could bring peace. On the other hand, the demons of the burning hells stood under the leadership of the great evils: Diablo, Baal and Mephisto. They claimed that darkness and chaos were allocated in the center All things are .

The Archangel Inarius and the Demonin Lilith created Sanctuario, the world of mortals. Source: Blizzard Doch Despite the duration and sheer extent of battles between these fractions, no side could keep the upper hand over a long time. The Archangel Inarius was so exhausted from the endless conflict between the skies and hells that he wanted to create a peaceful world – free from the twist, who brought both rich enough for so long. He allied himself with the Demonin Lilith, the daughter of hate, and gathered apostate angels like demons sympathized with their goal. Together they created Sanctuario, the world of mortals. Inarius used the world stone – a powerful artifact that had been fought for a long time between the two groups – to hide Sanktuario in front of the curious views of the sky and hell .

The renegade angels and demons of Sanctuary witnesses the awards of humanity: the nephalem. When it turned out that these beings were much more powerful than their producers, the concern came up that this strength could attract the attention of the high sky and burning hells. When Inarius moved back to reflect in seclusion of this opportunity, Lilith rinted for fear of the security of their children by Sanktuario and slaughtered all angels and demons that were in the Empire. Inarius was forced to banish her into the emptiness, whereupon he used the world stone to restrict the power of Nephalem. Every next generation became weaker. Over time, their lifespan decreased until they had completely transformed themselves into a people of mortals, which knew little about their ancestors.

The complete story article will find your on the official Diablo website . If you want to prepare yourself in Story and Lore on the Launch of Diablo 2: Resurrected, should definitely stop by there. Other guides and specials can be found in our mega info package for launch .

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