DataMiners show all new Cinematics from Diablo 2 Resurrected and now I have a buck

Just before the release of Diablo 2 Resurrected, you can already view the ingenious Cinematic videos all at the moment. DataMiners have dug up them. Even with MeinmMo editor Jürgen Horn nostalgic feelings come up, although the Diablo 2 resurrected did not want to play so far.

What has it with the Cinematics on themselves? DataMiners – after the first two cinematics were already lacted – now the remaining video cutscenes from the upcoming Diablo-Remake Diablo 2 resurrected excavated and released.

The sometimes quite long videos show the story of Marius, a poor wrong, who tells a mysterious figure his story. He reports from his journey to the east, followed by an unknown hiker and witnesses of critical events.

Since the Diablo-2 remake also contains the Addon Lord of Destruction, we can also see the two also very cool cinematics from the expansion, in which the nasty prince the destruction drives its Schabernback with a poor clan leader.

The complete selection of cinematics from the leak can be distributed over the following paragraphs.

Who writes here? Jürgen Horn played the very first Diablo at that time in the 90s and before the demo, which only contained a first small dungeon, was slightly pulled up and down. Similarly, he then went in 2000, in which Diablo 2 was similarly tuned hard. The Cinematics and especially the Voice Acting are still well in memory, which is why the new Cinematics just completely hust up me.

Diablo 2 impresses 2021 as well as 21 years ago

So I went to watch the videos: In the run-up to the releases of Diablo 2 Resurrected I got the order to write a news about the Cinematic Leaks. I did not actually have the remake of Diablo 2 on the screen, because I am – unlike many other gamers of my generation – no fan of nostalgia.

I prefer to play new, modern games than to me the old camels again. They should rather rest in peace in my memory and are not ruined by semi-free resuscitation attempts in my perception.

But at Diablo 2 Resurrected, I could become unfaithful to my intentions and blame these damned cinematics, which were simply thanksgiving well and are also back today thanks to the post-processing.

The sequence in the intro, in which the screams of the madness of the mads of the corridors of the Irrenhaus is gaving and the shadowy figure enters the cell of Marius, which is first hysterically torching in a corner, sent me in a few seconds 21 years in the past.

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Then follow more horny Cutscenes, because of which alone I have gambled the game extensively at that time. Clear highlight is still the scene, in which Tyrael appears and dueled with the hellfights. The design of the heavily armored, gloomy archangel with the cool hood and the light stettakel instead of wings impresses me today as at that time.

DIABLO 3 - ALL CINEMATICS (with Reaper of Souls) [1080p]
Rarely I have experienced such intense feelings when viewing videos, as with these Cinematics and I have literally bunged when I saw the articulated Cinematics for this article.

Therefore, my decision is determined, even if I will certainly regret it: I will give the hellish temptation and get me probably or evil the damn Diablo 2 resurrected. Incidentally, however, my face can appear as well as my face instead of the Shang Chi Stars Simu Liu in the new Launch trailer of Diablo-2-Resurrected, because we have the same prehistory at Diablo 2.

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