Diablo 2 RESURRECTED We tick all information about the Release Live

Today, on September 23, StartSdiablo 2: Resurrected. The game published in 2000 is thus not only on PC, but also playable on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch as a Remastered version. MeinmMo accompanies the release for you live and reports on the start and possibly accumulating problems.

When is it going? The starting signal falls at 17:00 in German. Then you can get started on all platforms and visit Sanctuario again or for the first time. The Preload can already start to make sure you can get started directly to the release.

The anticipation for Diablo 2 is far large, which is why server problems could come. We keep you up to date if that happens. Resurrected, however, can also be played in offline mode, whereby your most difficulties can handle it.

More about the blizzard hitch s Remaster is in our Hub: Diablo 2: Resurrected as Remaster – Everything you need to know to release

Update 14:34: Mrllamasc, the hardcore fan, who was looking for the Holy Grail of Diablo 2 for 4 years, comes. He explains that he is a bit nervous. The streamer is thinking about whether his long-practiced tactics work or maybe some of the bugs and functions have disappeared.

Update 14:30: The stream to the World First Race starts with the pre-show. The moderators talk about their experience with Diablo 2 21 years ago. Here jumps to the info of the event.

Update 14:01: The live stream to the World First Race has begun. A timer runs and ends at 14:30 when the pre-show will begin.

Diablo 2 Resurrected vs Diablo 3: Is Diablo 2 better than Diablo 3? Should you play the Remaster?

What is in the release? With ResurRected gets your access to Diablo 2 as well as the extension Lord of Destruction. Thus, all 7 classes of the game are available and all 5 acts including the corresponding bosses in overworked graphics.

If you can not decide, you will find here on Meinmmo our quiz to find out which class suits you. Have you already decided, visit our survey:

If you can not decide yet, we have summarized here once per and contra of the Remaster for you: Diablo 2 shortly before released: Why should you play that? The short check

World First Race – Who first kills all bosses?

Already before the release, some hardcore fans have prepared intensively on resur rat. You have played the old version of Diablo 2 up and down to be the first to be all the bosses and the particularly hard over-versions.

Everything takes place as part of the World First Race, an event that launched the WoW guild Method together with the Diablo Streamer Mrllamasc. From 14:00 clock it starts with the pre-show, the race starts at 17:00. You can watch Method on the TWITCH channel. We have also integrated the stream here for you:

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For newcomers Diablo 2 should already have enough to offer. For the main story, you should, depending on the class and style, roughly calculate 20 hours. Then it goes to the grind and improve the equipment.

But even after the release it is possible that it goes on. Although Diablo 2 holds for 21 years, the developer team has in mind to provide even more content:

So it goes with Diablo 2 Resurrected after the release