Which class does your Diablo 2 Resurrected Ask the fate wheel

We want to know what class you start to release from Diablo 2: resur rat. If you are still undecided, you can turn on the wheel of destiny and let you determine a class.

What s going on at Diablo 2: RESURRECTED? Today, on September 23, Diablo 2: RESURRECTED celebrates its release. Directly to the start you can choose from 7 classes with which your adventure wants to start.

We want to find out with this article, which class you want to start the adventure. And if you are still insecure, we offer you with a kind of fortune wheel the chance, ~~ decide to chance ~~ decide the fate with which class you get started.

All classes in Diablo 2: resurrected – which you play?

Which classes are there and what can you do? Immediately to the start you can choose if you play one of the following classes: Amazone, Assassine, Gunschwörer, Barbar, Paladin, Sorceress or Druid.

Choosing Your Class - Diablo 3
The Amazon masters throwing spits and bow and convinces in the fight of superhuman skill. Her magical talents continue to build their fight.
As Assassine you are your martial arts expert. For your nasty battles, you use deadly traps and shadow disciplines.
As a deadlocker, you determine your life and death. Armies from skelets and golems fight on your side. Her self attacks with fatal poisons, curses and bone magic.
Barbarians are characterized by large muscles and weapons skills. In close combat, barbarians use disturbing attacks that they strengthen with war-crying. You can use the screams to strengthen your allies, or to weaken opponents
Paladine you play with shield and weapon. Auren are an important ability of this class. There are protective spells that are advantageous in the fight against the demons.
The magic uses the power of the elements of fire, ice and lightning to unleash mighty spells.
Druids can transform themselves into deadly motivations and advertising. Animals trust them, so they fight their side and you can give them commands if you play as a druide. For this you also control powers from earth, fire, wind and ice.

Dates here: In the following survey you have a voice to show what class you want to play for the start of Diablo 2: Resurrected. If you are still uncertain, then a piece continues down to the fate wheel.

Still uncertain? Ask the fate wheel

Help with the decision: If you do not care which class you play, or you want to have confirmation from the outside, then just turns us on the fate wheel. The class on which the wheel stops is then your class of choice (or you turn so long until the class appears to play with you anyway …).

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The bike we have integrated you here in the article. You can turn by clicking or tackling it. Then you can then enter your voice at the top of the survey.

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Which class do you decide to start Diablo 2: Resurrected and for what reason? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments and exchanges you with the community. Maybe your other give a further decision-making aid.

Even more help can offer you our quizz: which class of Diablo 2: resurrected fits best to you?