A resurrected bug makes the characters disappear and the progression

Diablo 2: Resurreed has just been launched today, and it seems to have a difficult start. Many players have published their negative experiences on social networks, telling everyone that their progress and characters had somehow disappeared after the game sessions. Losing all the hard work forced to start all over again.

Some players from Diablo 2: Resurreed shared that they had lost their character after beat all Tristram, who is the first area of ​​the game. Many have become frustrated about it, since Tristram takes a huge part of the game. They had to make work, only to lose all this progress. Fortunately, Blizzard confirmed that they worked hard to solve this problem.

To solving the problems of game and character creation, Diablo 2: Resurreed will undergo unexpected maintenance at 10am pt, confirmed snowstorm on social networks. We are waiting for this maintenance lasts 30 minutes .

Blizzard then added that they advised the online players to disconnect before the game is momentarily stopped, but has confirmed this offline game should remain available for all players who have already authenticated. Unfortunately for those who literally took the promise of the 30-minute developers, this time was not respected. Blizzard said one hour after his first announcement that they always continued to work on the problems affecting the characters and the creation of games .

Fortunately, after almost three hours, Blizzard confirmed that the servers of Diablo 2: Resurreed were back. The servers should be available again in all regions, they or they mentioned. We will continue to monitor performance.

Other players from Diablo 2: Resurreed also complained of being suddenly expelled from the halls. When they try to create a lobby, an error is displayed telling them that a problem occurred during communication with the game servers. The executive producer Rod Fergusson has confirmed that they are currently Croissing in the online question.

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