Counter Strike Goodbye to a key movement in Dust 2 who has been with us for many years

You may have overlooked a small detail when reading the patch note for Operation Riptide update in CS: Go. But within a game and with an expert eye, it is almost impossible to miss the change. In Dust2 , developers decided to add a building near the birth point of the attacker side. This object blocks the traditional vision line that has been allowed for many years to have a small shot window if you looked at the central door placed on the pass between point A and point B.

This change could put legs up the competitive metajame , since we can no longer make an instant pick in this passage and kill a defender who rushes to take a position with a sniper rifle . So this is good news for those clueless heads that did not stop falling as a result of this shot to the plate .

This new map construction does not only change the first seconds of the Round, but also has other consequences, which seem rather benefit the anti-terrorists . Defenders may rotate discreetly between the two sites without being seen.

Also, while before they had to spend a smoke to block the line of sight and pass this point, they can now save their utility items for something else. At the moment, we see no counterpart, but we are hoping to see the consequences in a real situation to have it clear.

These adjustments are part of the Riptide operation that was added yesterday to the Tactical Shooter of Valve. What do you think that changes are applied to such an important and historical map as Dust 2?

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