3 Post Diablo 2 Lingering Lipid

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Diablo 3 has been suffering from various errors and bugs, immediately after the launch of the error code. Diablo 2: The demon penetrated the server on the server. From just after the release, a variety of problems have occurred to play with play, and many users have appealed difficulties.

The biggest problem is that the server connection is uneasy. As a result, the game is forced during play, or the character is created, and the game is not connected, or the game is not executed. Some users said that when they were reconnected after the game, Rollback disappeared when the existing play record disappeared.

There is a problem with character generation. The character can not be created, the created character disappeared, and now created a character, and it is an expression that is already known. In addition, there is also a black screen phenomenon that comes only the black screen after running the game intermittently.

In order to solve the problem, Blizzard checked the server at 2 am on the 24th, but the error was not completely resolved. About Diablo 2: Rod Fergusson (Rod Fergusson), who oversees reservoir development, explained that it is more than expected using the Twitter, and it explained that the server capacity is increased to solve the connection problem. He also recognizes that many gamers are being affected by server errors, and we said they would do their best for normalization.

Diablo 2: Lingering is one of the world s leading to the number of viewers on the twitches on the twitches at a twitch at 4:09 pm on the 24th. As with Diablo 3, Diablo 2: Leather reserves also seem to have a number of users who are notable for the server to be difficult to afford and have a connection error. It is a part that is indirectly intuition that the game is popular, but it seems to be able to solve as fast as several users are experiencing problems.