Diablo 2 beginners

Mitiablo 2: Resurrected has received an absolute ARPG classic his Remaster. Meinmmo reveals you what you need to know if you look at the game for the first time.

What can I find here? While the release of Diablo 2 was a bit bumpy, we deliver some tips here, as your entry into the game works better.

To do this, we give you general tips on Diablo 2 and the first hours in the game, so you can handle you and avoid possible mistakes. We try to respond to the most important questions that could have a beginner in resurrected.

For advanced people may also be some tips that can help you. However, veterans will already know all this. But you are welcome to submit your own tips for newcomers in the comments.

Deeper guides to further topics will soon be found on Meinmmo. If you are still before deciding whether you should see Diablo 2 at all, visit our checklist to the release of resur rat.

Tips for Starting and Act 1: Hardcore, Difficulties, Classes and Skills

What difficult levels are there? In Diablo 2 you can play on 3 different levels of difficulty. As a beginner, however, only the normal difficulty is open, on which a newly created character begins:

Normal – no special features, you are about to play about stage 40. You do not lose EP in the death
Nightmare – unlocked after the game was mastered on normal . You start new in act 1, keeps level and equipment, but loses resistance and other attributes. Opponents are toughes and the areas are bigger. You lose 5% EP death
Hell – unlocked after nightmare . Opponents are even stronger, mostly immune to a particular effect and their loses more EP if you die. Only in hell you can fight the over-bosses

What is hardcore? If you create a character, you can choose if your hardcore or softcore wants to play. In hardcore mode, your other title will receive, but your character is finally dead. You can not play it anymore.

We urgently recommend the softcore mode.

What can the classes? Overall, they are available in RESURRECTED 7 classes, as all classes from the extension are also playable – even from the beginning. The classes are:

Amazone: Struggling with spear and bow and uses elementary magic to strengthen.
Assassine: Struggling with traps, bows or claws in melee.
Barbar: Uses large events in melee and war cry to buffer and allies.
Druid: is equipped with nature magic, can summon animals and turn themselves.
Paladin: A kind of tank fighting with weapon and shield and use aur for strengthening.
Dead complaints: creates living dead as a servant and fights himself with poison and curses.
Sorceress: Makes magical forces use to defeat opponents with different elements.

If you can not decide, we have a quiz here for you, which helps you with the class choice in Resurrected. If you have already decided, it does with our survey or let fate decide what your play is to play:

Can I reset skills? Yes. In each act you can once again reset your skills or from the hell difficulty through a special object.

With this knowledge in mind, you should pay attention to how your character skills, but can still be relatively free to let out and try out. The right builds are only really important from nightmare or hell.

How many potions can I wear? Unlike Diablo 3, you still consume in Diablo 2 your potions. To do this, you initially have 4 slots, each of which can hold a potion of any size.

As soon as you find a belt, you turn 4 more slots, but you can only hold a potion. For activation, the 4 first slots are still used, which serves you via Hotkeys.

Can I also play solo? Yes, Diablo 2 offers both a solo and even offline mode. Both the solo and co-op game have their advantages:

Solo: You can take your time and does not have to share. Offline also does not require premium subscriptions such as PS plus or generally an internet connection.
Koop: You can cover a larger area and benefits from Buffs of other players. However, the opponents will be stronger with each other adventurer in the group.

In solo mode, mercenaries are also available – NPCs that accompany you. Remember that they also equip them over the menu with new items and make them so stronger. If a mercenary dies, you can revive it in the city or hire a new hire.

Can I play with controller? Yes. Thanks to the Remaster, Diablo 2 also comes to PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, and thus receives controller support. This even works on PC and makes control a bit easier. If you are still looking, we have a few tips for you here:

These are the ideal controller for Diablo 2 Resurrected on PS4 and PS5
These are the ideal controller for Diablo 2 Resurrected for Xbox and PC

What is the Hordadish cube? With this item you get in act 2, you can do different things. The cube allows you to upgrade items or to unlock the over-bosses later.

In addition, you can use it as an intermediate camp because it can stow more items than he occupies slots in the inventory. A detailed guide to the Hordadish cube will soon be found here on Meinmmo.

What are Rune words? You will find special runes right early in the game, which work like gems and can be set in sockets. You can simply use these runes, but you should save them later.

If you use the runes in a specific order, you create a rune word . This transforms the item into something particularly powerful. How Rune Words work exactly, we will explain you soon here on Meinmmo.

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With our tips, you should be ideally prepared for your first hours in Diablo 2. Because even for newcomers a look is worthwhile, because then you do not bother you in changing details, which may be in the eye of the purists. You can get involved in any of the most popular ARPGs at all:

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