Diablo 2 Prison Rebirth Online Firstday Server Issues frequently affected by the victims

Blizzard classic rpg Diablo 2 latest remnant Diablo 2: Trice Rebirth ( Diablo 2: Resurred) finally officially launched this week, but this The server appears many serious connection problems in the official opening of the first day.

Based on the return, the problem of the server server will make the player difficult to play Diablo 2: Prison Rebirth , but also let some players can t see the old roles that have been created, and they cannot create new roles. Blizzard officially closes the server server for maintenance earlier, takes this to repair the existing problem, and the certified players can choose to play offline.

Although Blizzard urgently worked hard, many reddit afterwards, the twitter netizens pointed out that there will be problems on various play. The screenshot of the server Server Connection Error system message is uploaded, or the prompts that require Re-connecting the Internet Try . Even the beginning of questioning the new version of Battle.NET performance may be even worse than the old version.

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After a few hours, Blizzard publicly repaired, indicating that it is still handling roles and server creation errors. In subsequent Twitter updates, the official once again launched 45 minutes of emergency maintenance. In the end, after the end of the maintenance, the Blizzard team issued an update to improve the role preview problem, emphasizing the next handling of the server s exception. Although the blizzard has undergone a lot of hard work, it is a pity that there is a problem that the player is still unsatisfactory after the last wave of maintenance.

Reference Original: IGN