I only know when he lured, I had to follow him. From this hour we traveled together. To East … always east …
This is a quote from the intro of Diablo 2, which is still deep into my brain even after 20 years. Not only because I watched as many other Diablo 2 to her off and that s why the intro felt have seen 1000 times. No, even because this opening sequence has tied up extremely in terms of content.

Unlike many others out there, comparing Crit damage and 13% better Loothrop in their equipment, I think about the history and the world of Diablo. I would even go a step and say: Gameplay and Lootpiral beautiful and good. The real reason why I Diablo Zocreat is but the story and the creatured fantasy world.

Table of contents

  1. 1The first foundation: the world
  2. 2 On request even deeper in rabbit construction
  3. 3Das second foundation: the mood
  4. 4More Attention for the story

The first foundation: the world

This is mainly due to two things. The mood that build the games and the extensive World Building. There are certainly some of the forehead. When I addressed the topic in the editors, even old-established fans had to think strained, in order to get even more memories of history. Much more than Something with heaven and hell and in between I smoke covers! But then did not come. Basically, that s not wrong, but in Diablo is a deep substructure. To get an insight into this story construct, we tear the emergence of humanity in Diablo here briefly.

Sky and hell are in the eternal conflict Source :.blizzard Be starts once without this. The world consisted of 2 levels. On the one hand of the sky with angels, paradise and Co. on the other side the burning hells with all their torments. These factions are in an eternal war, which always inflames. But some angels and demons had no desire for war and had a third existence level in which they could live together. They were listed by the Angel Inarius and the Demonin Lilith and their garbage level they called them Sanktuario. Protected in front of the views of the other levels they were through the huge world of worlds.

Like that, when two essay types live peacefully, come closer and jump into the box. Angels and demons mix themselves and thereby creates a third race: the nephalem, better known as humanity. This mixed race is very powerful. Partly they even exceed the forces of angels and demons. Of course, that can not go forever and eventually try heaven and hell to draw this third race on their side. So you can finish the eternal war for all times. But that works only conditionally, as both sides sabotage each other.
The Demon Lillith will play an important role in Diablo 4 Source: Blizzard
At one point, the angels engage in the power of the world s stone and change it so that humanity loses power with every generation. Only rarely break the nephalem forces and these people are usually rising to heroes. By the way, you know a pair of these nephalem, because that s the characters you play! One or the other will certainly have seized in a few terms, as they appear more or less prominent in the games, such as Inarius, the worldstone, the nephalem. The Demon Lilith will even play a very prominent role in Diablo 4.

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on request even deeper in rabbit construction

However, this emergence of the world is just a small part of the Lore. Who wants, can still immerse much deeper, for example with the source of origin of the universe with the dragon Tathamet and the God Anu. Helping the eight novels in the Diablo universe and the three chronicles with many backgrounds published over the years.

Unfortunately, there is a lot in the games. Only in the fantastic intermediate sequences shines the story. At the latest since Diablo 2 belongs to the highlights of the series and at least for me they are more reward after a successful boss fight as a legendary item. These are all no Oscar-suspicious stories, but for me it works if the weak Marius in Naiver Leichb faith let go the evils of hell on the world. Not least because these stories and this world are transported with an unmistakable basic mood – the second pillar on which Diablo stands for me.

The second foundation: the mood

This world has such a wonderful morbid and gloomy charm. This is clear dark fantasy, but still I find that no other fantasy universe from the style of the style offers me such a mood. Most of humanity in Sanktuario is weak and a playing ball of heaven and hell. Especially the evils of the underworld are constantly making bloody and cruel rituals to implement their machinations.

Blood fountain and gruesome rituals can be found in Diablo at every corner. Source: Blizzard Diablo dates there many bonds from the body balance with blood and offales, but without crushing in disgust. It is always strangely fascinating, in which forms the monsters are transforming now. But even with the high skies is not all great. Although the Angiris Council consists of the noblest virtues such as hope, justice or wisdom, but also twisting in Diablo 3 into the negative. By way of example, IMPERIUS – the embodiment of the heroic mutse – which is so veneered in his pride, that he does not want to help and expires in blind rage.

Not even the heroes are protected from the evil of the world. What many do not know is that the heroic troupe from Diablo 1 from Hunter, magicians and warriors in Diablo 2 will reappear – as an opponent! The hunter is already true after a short time in the second part. She was corrupted by Andariel and drives her misconduct in the cemetery of the sisterhood as bloodrabe . The magician has gone crazy and mistaken in secret refuge as the ghost complaints . Last but not least, there is the warrior who accompanies us in all intermediate sequences, because in the final sequence of Diablo 1 he skins the soulstone of the Jägerin from Diablo 1 is not a good destiny. She drives her as Bloodrab in the cemetery of the sisterhood. Source: Blizzard Diablo in the forehead to capture him in itself. Of course, that is not good and he is more and more corrupted from evil until he then walks out as a dark hiker. You see: nobody is safe in the world of Diablo.

This mood also transfers to the environment. The world is bleak, dirty and edgy. It never seems the sun, except in the desert, where it is dormous. People are mostly rough, suspicious and careful because they are drawn from their environment and as a player you are always on the hat, because behind the next corner may lurk a strong opponent.

More Attention for the story

This is fantastic and forms a gloomy fantasy universe with the comprehensive World Building, as I do not see it in pop culture in any other point. So the next time Diablo 2: RESURRECTED, then pay attention to the small stories or the big main action. Maybe you also look into the numerous wikis on the net for the backstory. It is worth it to absorb the details and go with the knowledge into the games. This makes Diablo only poet and even better.

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