Kena Bridge of Spirits Update 1 06 fixes Karma

In the course of the weekend, the developers of the EMBER LABs provide another update to Kena: Bridge of Spirits , with which the action adventure is resolved to version 1.06.

As can be found in the official changelog, the patch 1.06 is fixed, among other things, a critical error, which could occur in combination with the karma. In addition, the creators of the EMBER LABs with the new update took on to the combat system and, according to their own information, took care that opposing attacks can be lighter.

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Which optimizations and bug fixes with the patch 1.06 in detail hold in Kena: Bridge of Spirits , tell you a look at the official changelog, which of course we have translated into the German for you.

The optimizations of the update 1.06 in detail

Fixed for lost karma. Memory files with missing karma are corrected after downloading the patch.
Fixed progress blocker in the warehouse. The update also corrects existing scores.
Fixed progress blocker when entering the old fountain. The update also corrects existing scores.
Previous memory levels with Forge progress blockers have been corrected.
It has been fixed a problem in which the damned chest was locked when you died at the same time when fighting enemies. This update also corrects earlier memory levels.
EOS SDK error fixes some players from starting the game (PC only).
The Parry Counter attack is now easier to perform.
Softlock fixed in the Ancient Well.
Crash fixes.
Smaller audio, image and collision errors have been fixed.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is available for the PC, the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5.

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