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PlayStation 5 games seem to work now better than before thanks to a recent system update. Although the increase in performance in certain games is somewhat insignificant, it shows that the Sony team can do more than you have done in the past with the system updates for PS5 compared to PS4. It is also even more promising when some of the exciting characteristics that Sony has said that expects to promote for PS5 in the future is taken into account.

The news of these increases in speed and performance of games in PS5 was discovered by digital casting. According to the exhaustive tests he had made Digital Foundry after the launch of the new September system update for the next generation console, certain titles would work better than before in certain cases. For example, in a game mode of a game, the typical frame rate of 30 fps that normally been shown had increased by about 1 or 2 fps. On the contrary, a scene that is in another game resulted in the same type of speed increase.

In general, Digital Foundry estimates that the performance of the game in all areas for PS5 securities received an increase of one to three percent. However, this may not be consistent for all games that are available to PlayStation 5. Saying this, the titles that have a frame rate that is not blocked on a single level seem to present this performance increase much more compared to Those who are established at a certain threshold.

It remains to be seen if this type of feature is something we can expect to see in future updates for PS5. Regardless, it is great to see that Sony is looking to do more with the updates of the console of this nature instead of simply adding some new settings here and there.

Have you noticed any improvement in the performance of your PS5 games since the launch of this new console update? And what do you think of these gambling performance impulses in a general sense? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter in @ mooreman12.