New World is online live

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New World celebrates its release today, on September 28th. It should start early in the day and we from Meinmmo accompany the start with this live ticker. Here we inform you about the start, possible server problems and queues.

When is it going? The release of New World is scheduled to take place at 8:00 am our time in Europe. If you bought a key, you can download the MMO since Monday at 17:00.

In this live ticker we will keep you up to date via the servers and any problems. So you know exactly if you can just play New World and where there are problems.

Update 14:25: In addition to new servers in Europe, Australia also has just one hour after starting the first 4 new servers (Via New World).

Update 14:16 clock: It keeps stubborn that turnish that Streamer would preferably be treated in the queue. This says community manager Mugsy in the forum:

I m not sure what you mean, but we have no special server or account capabilities for streamer or otherwise someone.

Update 14:00: Amazon has opened more servers, including 5 more for German Players:

Aaru – vanaheim chi de / en
Gladsheim – Vanaheim Chi DE / EN
Pyrandia – vanaheim chi de / en
Vaikunta – Vanaheim Chi DE / EN

Free Server Transfers/Patch Notes/More Servers - New World
Panchaia – vanaheim chi de / en
Charadra – Vanaheim Alto FR / EN
Jumala – Vanaheim Alto FR / EN

Update 13:20 clock: Much has not changed at the situation. The queues are still long and the new servers are already besieged. According to SteamDB, over 350,000 players were online according to SteamDB (the numbers come with an hour delay).

At 14:00, the Americans start at the east coast with their servers. Let s see if it goes again.

Update 13:00: We also from Meinmmo are currently hanging in the queue. That s why a little something to do that:

10 tips on New World, which I would like to know earlier
New World: Patch Notes for the release of the new MMOS
New World celebrates today release – which groups should you choose?
New World: 3 builds for beginners that are ideal for PVE and levels

Update 12:30: New servers have finally started! These are 3 new worlds, two for German players:

We have just opened additional worlds for the EU Central region:

  • Thrudheim Vanaheim Nu DE / EN
  • Vimur Vanaheim Nu DE / EN
  • Kvenland Vanaheim Lambda ES / EN

The original list has been updated accordingly.

Via New World Forum

Update 12:05: How successfully New World is started, you can also see Steam. Without America, Brazil and Australia the beta record was cracked. Already over 240,000 players online, what New World is catapulted in 3rd place in the Steam Charts.

Update 11:38 clock : The onslaught on New World is huge. We have picked up the exact situation with the queues here again:

New World: Biggest rush on a new MMORPG for 2 years – Huge queues

Update 11:20 : The login servers seem to work again. But you have to be in queues again …

Update 10:57 clock: At 14:00, the first servers in America are raised. It will be interesting if it will be more relaxed in Europe.

Update 10:54 clock : The login servers are down, accordingly you can not get in queues anymore. Nevertheless, over 18,000 is currently in a queue on Utgard.

Amazon himself just says that the startup of some servers still takes time.

Update 10:46: Suddenly no servers are available. This reports some players and I also see no servers in the list. A restart of the game did not help.

Update 10:44: The first servers are back. Some players report that their place was reserved online and they passed by the queue. In Ravenal I got the place 94 after the restart, although over 2,000 were in the queue. So something seems to be there.

Update 10:31: Most servers are now in maintenance and it seems to have caught more than originally announced.

Update 10:27 clock : Now it has also caught Ravenal and the server is down.

Update 10:20 clock : At 10:30 am all servers are restarted except Baltia, Tanje, Amententi, Ravenal, Utgard, Albraca, Hellheim and Hades. It comes to a maintenance of about 15 minutes, Amazon says.

Update 10:18 clock: We looked at the situation with the names again: That s why you do not get the name you want in New World.

Update 10:07: By the way, no shock gets, if it comes to a DC and your character is displayed with Level 1. This is just a display error.

Update 10:05: Especially on the German servers, the queues are just very long. Servers that have little queue had probably partially crashes and maintenance work. At least for the server FAE maintenance was officially confirmed (via New World).

Update 9:55: It s so slow to get more problems. On Ravenal there was a larger DC, with the servers being online. As it looks, the space is reserved on the server for a short time, so you quickly come back on.

Update 9:45 : What is actually in the real money shop of New World? We looked more closely in one article.

Update 9:30: Almost 90 minutes have passed since the release and it can be summarized as follows:

Who comes into play, experiences a clean start. There are no performance problems and even the masses of players are well coped.
However, there are long queues where tens of thousands of players are currently waiting. This obviously has two reasons:
On the one hand, access to the servers will only gradually increase. Initially, only 1,000 players fit at the same time on each server, now 2,000. It is believed that so too much onslaught on the starting areas should be prevented.
On the other hand, players from other regions to reserve their names. The game first went live in Europe and the names are awarded globally.
It comes in the queue again and again to crash and blackscreens at the character creation.
Some servers should probably crash or be in maintenance mode. At least for Ravendal we can not find such a problem.

Amazon himself has still not been expressed to the problems.

Update 9:17: The queues remain a problem and many players hope that the Amazon also returns to servers. This was promised in advance, the onslaught should be too big.

Update 8:45: For preparation for New World, many are looking for build guides. We too have there for you:

New World: 3 builds for beginners that are ideal for PVE and levels
New World: The best builds for tanks
New world: 3 strong PVP builds that you should definitely try

Update 8:40: Anyone who wants to expel the waiting time can view the patch notes for the release. There are some important bug fixes and smaller adjustments in it.

In addition, we have put together for you on which server your favorite streamer is located.

Update 8:30 am : The queues will continue longer and many are now fearing for the Prime Time in the evening even longer waiting times. The German Server Utgard already has a queue of more than 10,000 players.

So far, there is no statement from Amazon to the situation.

Update 8:15: Positive is that the first boss from the starting area almost instant reshtnt when defeated. This triggers one of the bottlenecks to the start of New World.

Update 8:10 clock : But it seems that some only reserve your name and then leave the queue again. These are probably players outside of Europe, because only with us the servers are already online. However, the names apply worldwide.

Update 8:07: Queues of partial 1,000 players – that s crass.

Update 8:03 clock : After the character creation there is long blackscreens. Nevertheless, it continues, you do not have to restart you. Almost every server has queues already queues.

Update 8:01 clock : Ravenal has already over 200 people in the queue.

Update 7:56: The servers are there and you can play. Initially, some servers were missing, but about a minute later all were there.

Update 7:50: The last 10 minutes are mounted. No servers are still live.

Update 7:00 clock : Even one hour before the start everything is still quiet. A too early start, as some players have feared, so did not happen.

Update 6:40 clock: Good morning and welcome to the live ticker. Stand now the servers are still offline, but even with both beta events, it started a little earlier. Most recently, the Open Beta even started two hours too early, so we ll keep you up to date here.

How do you start in the release of New World? Have you especially prepared and have already had food and drinking? Shares your setup with us in the comments and maybe we share your picture in the ticker!

Info about the servers and first guides to New World.

Which server is there? New World starts with 63 servers, 8 of which were advertised for German players. Depending on the server, the estimated queues are different lengths.

Utgard is considered the server of many hardcore guilds and streamers. He will probably become very full.
The former server Elysium, which is now called Learad, could become full.
We from Meinmmo will start on Ravenal.

If you would like to inform you what New World is at all and if the game suits you, you will find a good overview here: New World before Release: Why should you play that? The short check.

Where can I find tips and guides about New World? Of course here on Meinmmo. We have already made a wide repertoire of guides for you:

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Which fractions should you choose?
What are attributes and how do you work in New World?
New World: That s how the crafting works about which you come to the best equipment in the game

That was actually just a small excerpt of what we offer you on Meinmmo to New World. Around the release we will provide you with several news, specials and other guides.