SPLITGATE September update revises the voice chat the Mantling

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As the developers of 1047 games announced, the extensive September update is immediately ready for SPLITGATE , which gives the first-person shooter diverse new features and improvements.

According to their own statements, 1047 games in the work on the new update took the feedback of the community to heart and improved it on the basis of it. For example, the Mantling system has been revised, which now gives you much more freedoms and allows you to climb ladders faster. As a result, the battles should be enriched by an additional strategic component.

The Changelog provides you with more details

Other innovations that find the path in SPLITGATE with the September update include the featured playlists that will rotate each weekend with different modes. In this way, the players should be offered the opportunity to watch different modes and familiarize themselves with the maps.

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Also tackled were a critical bug that could lead to crash on the Karman Station Map, as well as the problems with cross-platform voice chat. Thanks to the September update, this should now do his service as planned and no longer fail.

Which improvements to the September update of Splitgate are otherwise offered, tells you the detailed changelog, which you find on the official website .

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