Fortnite Update 18 10 for download patch Notes betrayed changes to the XP

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Epic Games releases the Fortnite Update 18.10 for download. The new patch appears in the course of the current downtime: The server of the Battle-Royale shooter went offline at 10 o clock. In the meantime, the developers have published the patch notes – and thus details of the changes and innovations. In the foreground of the update, optimizations of the XP system are available. Thus, the developers increase the number of experience points that you receive through the daily missions of your stamp card. In addition, all shared orders are added EP. All new and future character stamp cards should reward you with much more XP. On the other hand, the makers have slightly reduced the EP of the weekly stamp card. The changes should ensure that players are not too far behind when they do not complete them.

With the update 18.10 also the Superlevel styles come into play. Rising this season over Level 140 to new runnal styles for Charlotte, Kor, Fabio funget, J.B. Turn off Schimpanski and Torin. With the revised XP system, this is likely to be easier by hand. There are also new cartoon fish order styles. Closes thematic jobs to copy the style of mancake, like to look like the normal fishsticks and more. With 20 new styles that can be collected immediately (and another style we can not speak yet), there are tons New possibilities, Cartoon fish to be painted according to your own taste , writes Epic Games in the patch Notes to Fortnite (Buy Now 37.81 €) Update 18.10.

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As a new exotic object comes the Chili Suppack into the Battle Royale shooter. This restores the condition and shields, but also gives so much energy that you receive a speed thrust. Imches bars with naughty sausage to get the chili mappings. Alternatively, you will get them in Beutelamas (instead of Saukanonen). With the release also the original Saufpack returns to Fortnite. This also restors both condition and shields, but you do not receive an extra boost. The standard Sauffack grabs you as normal loot anywhere on the island. In addition, Huntermäntel can be produced – combined meat.

Individual balancing adjustments are also on the program with the Fortnite Update 18.10. In the main game modes wind tunnels are now deactivated during the last eye of the storm, in the competition modes in phase in phase 5. The Railgun was deleted from the competition game modes; Tipping world anomalies now remove earlier than before. Furthermore, the developers share with the Arena Hype of all players in the competition modes. The patch is rounded off by individual bugfixes. So it should no longer happen that vehicles suffer serious damage when colliding with a wreck part of the mother ship.

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