Phasmophobia Developers work well on a Halloween

Trello is an online, Kanban-style, list-making application and is a subsidiary of Atlassian. Initially produced by Haze Creek Software in 2011, it was drawn out to create the basis of a different firm in 2014 and later on marketed to Atlassian in January 2017. The business is based in New York City.

In the Horror game Phasmophobia there are three levels of difficulty. At the highest, the ghosts are much active and the conclusion of a task grants significantly more money. However, if you should go on the ghost hunt, the insurance will not pay so much for your lost equipment.

Since Halloween is almost in front of the door, the horror title probably receives a suitable update. There is no official announcement so far, but according to the official Trello board of Phasmophobia, the new update will probably include a nightmare degree of difficulty.

Kinetic Games uses Trello to inform your players about the latest developments of the title. A new card called Halloween Update lists Nightmare Difficulty and some more blackened points. In the new update, players can probably look much more likely than just a new difficulty level.

Of course, fans began on reddit with the speculation, which could involve the missing points. Popular estimates involved new noises, new ghost events, and new animations. On the speculation of the fans replied the Lead Artist of the game, Corey J Dixon, with no, no, no, advisable . Fans are papping in the dark.

The Phasmophobia developers have been working on a revision of difficulty levels for several months. These should offer experienced players in the future something new and challenging to play. Maybe the Nightmare-Difficulty could implement this idea of ​​developers.

Further information on the planned update will we probably receive in the weeks before Halloween. So it s worth the Trello board and the social media channels from Phasmophobia to keep an eye on.

From Daniel Link
30.09.2021 at 18:22