Grounded est un jeu vidéo de survie développé par Obsidian Entertainment et édité par Xbox Game Studios, sorti le 28 juillet 2020 en accès anticipé sur Windows et Xbox One. Dans le jeu, le personnage du joueur a été réduit à la taille d une fourmi et doit lutter pour survivre dans un jardin rempli de dangers.

The next update for Grounded can still wait, but you can already try the new content.

The next update for the Survival game Grounded carries the title Hot and Hazy and becomes the game world, or better said the backyard to expand four new biomes. In the future you can go in the crab sandbox on treasure hunt, but be careful! There it is pretty hot, so you should always keep your health in the eye in mind and your streaks are best laid in the night. But above all, you should protect yourself from the new ant lobby.

Correctly colorful activities, however, is on the black vessel hill. You can find that in the west of the backyard and he is a dungeon, which you can enter. With the materials found there, you can make new armor and weapons. In addition, a miniboss waits for deep inside.

Survival Run in the NEW GROUNDED UPDATE Grounded Update 11 PTS is here! Grounded Hot and Hazy Update

Luckily there is no game that also transports smells, otherwise we would advise you to visit the garbage heap in Grounded. There you will find a variety of things from food from food to the Aartz 3000. On the picnic table, however, bees frolic and you can find the tabletop roleplay Minotaur and Myrmidon Vol. II there. In addition, Developer Obsidian Entertainment has revised the foggy area in Grounded. There you now bums on exploding fungi and new opponents that make you even more difficult for you to the lab.

In addition to the new bioden, there is also a momentum of new insects. These include infected variants of the ladybird, the larvae and mosquito, which emerge mainly in the foggy area. There are five completely new insects on top. Black workers and soldier mugs, battles and the already mentioned ants lions as well as disgusting meatmills enrich the flora and fauna.

Based on these quirters, you can also produce a number of new items. A special feature are the milk teeth that can be found in the garden and that give you additionally capability points. The Hot and Hazy update is rounded up for Grounded with a new forgings where their weapons and tools can devote. There are also various adaptations of the balance and bugfixes.