Gesundheitsrisiken im American Football umfassen eine Vielzahl von Verletzungen, die infolge der Ausübung des Sports auftreten können. Als Vollkontaktsportart gehen mit der Teilnahme erhebliche Risiken einher. Neben Muskel- und Knochenverletzungen erlangen in jüngerer Vergangenheit auch Risiken durch Kopfverletzungen vermehrt Aufmerksamkeit.

Riot Games today announced a significant and surprising change that will come with the next League of Legends update to reduce the toxicity and abuse in Moba – it disabled / all chat. The decision means that players can not post any news in the Ingame chat that can be seen from players on both sides of the crack.

Although this is a milestone in the efforts of Riot to eliminate the toxicity of his online games, you can certainly say that the step for complete deactivation of / all-chatting has surprised some. Riot explains in a blog post that / All-chat is removed from all matchmade queues that contain League of Legends ranking games, but all communication with their own team remains. It also means that the cross-team chat is reactivated at the end of a game.

Riot also assures that enemy players can continue to see and hear their emotes and their champion championship.

During the / All-chat, the source of entertaining social interactions between teams and for some kind-hearted plagiaries can be, negative interactions are currently predominant. We will rate the impact of this change on reports on verbal abuse and penalties as well as surveys and direct feedback from you.

In Patch 11.21 we disable / all chat in matchmade queues! ????

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/ The entire chat will be deactivated from October 20 when League of Legends Patch 11.21 rolls out. Riot says that this decision is not completely eliminating toxicity in Lol-Games, but a bit closer to his goal is to make it a safer place for all players.