New job offers, which confirm that Wow-A, Overwatch and Diablo – in addition to existing projects are confirmed on the pages of Blizzard, Overwatch and Diablo – in addition to the previous projects.

Blizzard requires from future employees:

Designing and implementing new content for the open world
Understanding Mechanic RPG
Early experience in designing online games / multiplayer games

An additional advantage is also Experience FPS games , which may suggest that the new Blizzard product will be something similar to Fallout 76. Online game, open world, RPG elements, but Shooter (primary) fighting system.

I have already seen several comments of people who wish to be something like Destiny 2 (or mentioned F76), but embedded in StarCraft universe. Well, it could go … Especially that StarCraft 2 was killed by Blizzard and is currently on a complete car.


Unfortunately, if you receive a preview of such a game, the earliest for a year, two years, maybe even three years on some Blizzconie.