The Epic Shop on Linux continues obtaining easier to manage with Heroic Games Launcher

Heroic Games Launcher has a fresh update released and it includes some mighty fine new features, all in the name of making your Epic Store library easier to take care of on Linux. All still unofficial naturally, considering that the store doesn t support Linux straight.

With HGL variation 1.10.1 it can now install parts of games that use a discerning download, you can run games using an different executable, readily available DLC will be provided along with a toggle to bring them all or otherwise and you can really examine the download/ mount size prior to setting up video games currently.

For Linux (and also macOS) the launcher can now make use of Bottle made with CodeWeavers CrossOver, there s a brand-new alternative to allow/ disable Esync/Fsync together with numerous tech upgrades behind the scenes and a good few pest fixes also.

Ideally eventually Impressive will decide to really bring their shop to Linux, until after that Heroic appears to do the task quite nicely. Given that the store doesn t support Linux though, all will certainly utilize either A glass of wine or Proton so the usual caveats use there with it not being sustained by the programmer.

Inspect it out on GitHub.

Write-up drawn from library easier.