Fallout 76 offers candies psikuses and falling bombs

In the next in Fallout 76, Halloween and the day on which bombs fell. Two events await you – there will be a terrible combustion and sweets and psikuses in the wilderness. In addition, during the weekend of falling bombs ( October 21-25) there will be three events in the game – 50% discount on the supplier, surplus of shares and daily double mutations operations.

Another Update Fallout 76 is to be published in Tuesday, October 19 , and with it in Appalachach, halloween elements will appear, for example residents in costumes, with bowls for candies. Attractions will be available until November 2.

Starting from October 19, everyone will be able to pick up in the atomic store with a free, terrible bowl on the sweetheart, put it in his c.a.m.p. And fill with mysterious sweets collected from terrible burnt or purchased in various traders at railway stations.

Up to November 2, all residents will receive daily challenges – they will be able to fall into C.A.m.p. other players, require candy and threaten the tricks. As part of the daily and weekly challenges, they will also be able to distribute the sweets from their terrible bowls on the sweets. Each of the passed daily challenges will bring you one of several possible prizes, for example a one-time item, profits card package, breakfast box, repair kit or some points s.c.o.r.e.

NEW HALLOWEEN EVENT Coming to Fallout 76 | All Rewards and Info
In addition, a weekly challenge, in which you will distribute a sweets walking around the homes, will bring you pips s.c.o.r.e., rare craft materials and even Halloween costumes. If you can find both weekly challenges, you will also receive a new popcorn machine that you will be able to set in your Appala.

Details are available here.