FIFA 22 Title Update 2 gives flanks an important upgrade patch notes

There is patch notes for the new title update 2 Infifa 22. The update improves numerous trifles and corrects errors.

When is the update? According to a Tweet, the new Title Update 2 in FIFA 22 is now available for the PC (via Twitter). On the consoles you will have to wait a few days as usual until the update goes live.

Already in the past it lasted more and more than the PC until PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X have received the patches in FIFA 22. That was also the case with Title Update 1.

However, it is already known what the Title Update 2 will rotate. We show you the most important changes here.

Patch Notes to Title Update 2 show changes for FIFA 22

This changes to the gameplay: An interesting change concerns the flanks and Lobbed Passes in FIFA 22. They could now become more useful when it comes to achieving goals. Because: The effectiveness of the Ki defenders of the opponent is lowered, as far as the block of these balls are concerned.

Apparently, the defenders were able to stretch out of the high balls according to patch notes to block the high balls. This will now be weakened – and might ensure that your flanks are noticeably more effective. As that affects exactly, the next few days should show.

In addition, the Ki should now commit more fouls if you play on semi-professional or higher. Especially in Squad Battles this is useful, as you probably probably get more free of freezing there. However, that does not apply if you have turned on the Competitor Mode , which simulates the game behavior of FIFA-PROS.

This changes: In addition to the points mentioned there are a lot of errors that are addressed with the update. Important for PC players: The short stuttering of the image after the use of skill moves, which appeared after the last update, should now be released again.

Add to this other corrections. For example, players should have partially bent to fire a finesse shot with the strong foot, if the weak foot offered.

Or the ball could be unintentionally flying high when two players had a ball contact at the same time. In addition, it seemed obviously that referees in rare cases a free kick instead of a penalty whistle, or players simply disappeared.

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Changes in the modes

There were also some changes in the well-known modes. It is a lot of smaller adjustments in the modes as well as improvements of jerseys, cheers and the like. The complete patch notes can be found at EA Sports (via FIFA Forums).

The most important changes can be found here once.

Ultimate Team

In Fut, the penalty order is now arranged after the penalty attribute.
New notification screens for FUT Champions were inserted – for example, if you qualify.
Jerseys could meet with that of the referee.

career mode

There is now new CutScenes to draw the European competitions.
Youth players could disappear at the start of the new season.
The match shape could falsely reduce after playing after a player has been replaced in the match.
In the player career, similar goals could appear.


The Volta Arcade Timer could show wrong times.
The entire lobby was unintentionally dissolving when the captain broke down the matchmaking.
The KI players of both teams had white player indicators.
At Torjubel, players were mistakenly moved through walls.

Pro Clubs

Sometimes the menus ran slower than intended.
Some players could have seen other jerseys than those who chose the captain before the game.

What do you think about the new update? Do you miss something? Tell us in the comments!

In addition to the update, a spelling shaft is made straight for discussions in FIFA 22.