Wow Patch 9 1 5 has finally a release candidate when is it going

Patch 9.1.5 by World of Warcraft moves in tangible proximity. The final version of the update is on the PTR, the launch is on.

For many weeks, the community of World of Warcraft is waiting for the patch 9.1.5, which mainly brings the free pact choice. Now the release is probably imminent, because the latest version on the testtrealm makes it clear: soon patch 9.1.5 can be released and the wait has an end.

What happened? A new patch was recorded on the PTR of World of Warcraft. This is the first version of Patch 9.1.5, which now has the small addition Release Candidate . A publication is now imminent.

What is a release candidate? As a release candidate one calls World of Warcraft a coming patch, which is quasi ready for publication . This is usually the final version on the Test Realm before the patch actually goes live. Occasionally, however, there may be several release candidates, for example, if there are still errors in the patch.

When will Patch 9.1.5 appear now? There is no guaranteed release date yet, but a release candidate means that the patch appears within the next 2 weeks. The most likely appointment seems to be the 3rd of November, because that would be directly following the final of the Mythic Dungeon Invitational.

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What s all in patch? There are new content in patch 9.1.5 comparatively little. Only the time immigration: Legion with the magic tower and some new rewards is a larger feature. Otherwise, the patch focuses on improvements in quality of life, allowing the free change of the pact or a reduction of the most annoying grinds, especially in Korthia. Also new is the possibility to collect experience points in Torghast as an alternative level path to level 60.

Are you looking forward to patch 9.1.5? Or would you rather wait for the next big update 9.2, even if that s what happened at the earliest March 2022?