Epic Games, formerly Epic Megagames (also known as EPIC), is an American development studio and a cary-based video game distributor in North Carolina. The studio is 40% owned by the Chinese Internet Giant Tencent but the founder of the studio, Tim Sweeney, retains full control of the studio with 51% of the shares.

FortNite Update 13:30 is available for download now on the platform of your choice. Although no official update noted has yet been made available, we have the information below from the Fortnite Community Trello, where Epic Games follows the problems in progress and informs us of what will be covered in the new Fixes.

If you have trouble opening coffers to the authority, this problem has been solved, as well as missing floating rings for various challenges. It s actually a fairly discreet hotfix on the problem solving forehead, but we have not entered the game yet because the update is still downloading.

EPIC indicated that this update is a little larger than usual, and it seems that this is due to a necessary change on the Nintendo switch to improve the stability of the image frequency. You can find the Notes from the Trello Community below.

Royal Battle

Drops of supply to authority do not open during the search.
Floating rings are not visible on platforms with lower parameters.
Black rectangles appearing behind the player turning in the storm.
Sliding does not work properly around the authority.

Save the world

Animation problem of Goin Constructor.
Ammunition is consumed when a weapon is dropped and picked up.


The names of the players are cut into the voice chat tab of the social menu