Tribes of Midgard From 30 Mach 35

With the Midsaga update the wolf saga of Tribes of Midgard developers Norsfell have brought five new runes into play, and have thus increased the amount of available runes on the 35th The runes have missed your hero passive bonuses that affect, for example, your combat strength, which provide you with discounts if you want to repair items, or you not quite so bad can look out the laundry when you bless times the temporal. At the beginning of your adventure you can use five runes, but the further you you fight as part of the game through the character progression, the more runic places can you unlock.

The runes here are divided into five levels of rarity, so-called animal. We have what you want to get hold below for you an overview of all 35 current rune (with partly adapted balancing effects) so that their plan on paper ever can. The five new runes we have marked red for you.

Tier 1 – Ordinary runes

Far-reaching \ – It increases your damage dealt to enemies in range value by 20 percent.
arm of Ullr \ – It increases the damage done by special arrows by 20 percent.
Thor s anger \ – It increases the damage against jötnar by 15 percent.
tempo Nótt \ – It increases your movement speed by night by 20 percent.
repair made easy \ – It reduces the repair costs for equipment by 25 percent.
Soul Keeper \ – you ensure that you keep your souls at death 25 percent.
As a dwarf -Your has more armor than 150 points if you are in the ground.
Again Björn \ – The revival of an ally generated around it a healing area with 1750 LP.
Banner time -If you three seconds no action, a healing area is created that heals you over time to 150 LP.
live prey – defeated enemy produce with a probability of 20 percent of a ball 200 LP restores.

Tier 2 – Unusual runes

loot luck \ – You have a chance of 20 percent, double the loot from enemies.
Vikings hoarders \ – you keep 25 percent of the materials when you die.

Cold Blood \ – Are you in a cold area on the road, you heal you per second to 75 LP.
Blessed Hands \ – you gain an additional 400 XP when you open treasure chests.
Heat stroke \ – Are you in a hot area on the road, you get 20 percent more speed of movement.
Last Laugh \ – your explode upon death, causing very high physical damage.
Along-Yeah \ – The damage caused by all types pitcher is increased by 75 percent.
demolition Viking \ – Disassembly of a construction caused an explosion with very high physical damage.
Björn from the flames \ – The revival of an ally triggers an explosion with very high physical damage.

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Wave Creator \ – If you fending for three seconds with a sign that is triggered a shock wave with average physical damage.

Tier 3 – Rare runes

Nothing to Hide \ – Increases damage for each unassigned Armor place to 30th
explosive shield \ – Blocking with your shield will trigger an explosion with average physical damage.
Manamacht \ – your caused 20 percent more damage when your mana bar is filled.
Bloody impact \ – generated Blocking an attack with your shield around you a healing area that heals 200 LP.
Freyr harvest \ – You gain 75 LP when ye reap a resource.
Sturmjäger \ – combo attacks generate with a chance of five percent a magic ball that flies towards nearby enemies and causes an explosion middle thunder damage.

Tier 4 – Epic Rune

Seiðr-Weber \ – Gives combo attacks a chance of 30 percent to produce magical projectiles, track the enemy and cause them physical harm middle.
soul power \ – Increases your damage per 100 souls in your possession to 5 (maximum at 10,000 souls).
Mjölnirs power \ – Gives combo attacks that cause a chance of 20 percent to use up flashes the opponents connect near and medium Thunder damage.
Explosive Finale \ – Defeated opponents have to create a chance of 15 percent, an explosion of magical Splitter with average physical damage.
Rolling Thunder \ – deviates from it, then triggers with 50 percent chance of a lightning strike from the nearby opponent hits for medium Thunder damage.
Disarming travel \ – Gives combo attacks a chance of ten percent, a time bomb on an enemy to staple that explodes after a short delay with moderate splash damage.

Tier 5 – Heritage Runes

Golden egg \ – You will receive two golden horns if you leave the world over the Bifrock. RAGNA RAGE \ – Increases the damage of all characters near 20 percent, including those of the opponents. Soul Competition \ – You get two souls per hit, but loses four souls for every goal for you. The links marked are affiliate links. Affiliate links are no ads, as we are independent in the search and selection of the presented products. For product sales we receive a small commission, with which we partially finance the free content of the website.