You hate to build in Fortnite No problem possible no build mode could appear

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Informnite is building the king s discipline par excellence. Many per players could not imagine Fortnite without endless editing. Now, however, a leak came up in which Epic Games tests a mode that works without construction. We From Meinmmo show you all the details.

What is Building? In the Fortnite Battle Royal, you can build in different modes. You collect resources by reducing materials that you get through building, trees, stones or more. With these materials you can build constructs that give you an advantage in the fight.

Whether this is a simple staircase or a cover in the form of a house, leave you leave. Building should be used in many situations, but many players can do little.

Silved construction cramps could belong to the past

The Fortnite Leaker Gmatrixgames, posted an interesting discovery on Twitter. He has noticed a new playlist in the data listed under the name No Build Duos.

Players on Reddit now speculate whether this is a mode that goes without the annoying building. Some players therefore breathe, because many games fornites, but hardly or nothing can start with the construction mode.

This lose a fight as this feature usually needs exercise and time to handle it.

What do the players think of the finding? Some are excited about the idea of ​​finally gambling and fighting. They describe their construction arts as bad and think they only build items when they panic. Therefore, they comment with statements like:

As a person who just does not like to build, I m more than hyped.

Said Reddit User Daboiyeet

Another player said the following:

I like to build, but I would also like to see how the game would be without this.

Wrote Reddit User Zwel8606

Would this mode be successful? It is clear that such a change would bring a bit of variety. Sometimes that could also take old rabbits, from Chapter 1 times, to start again with Fortnite.

In Chapter 1, the building was rather irrelevant. Players were glad if you could make such a building or coverage.

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Nowadays, sometimes sweaty players builds giant constructs in wind parts and if you can not keep up with such experts, the fight is already decided. Whether this mode will be successful, so far can not be said yet. If Epic Games should decide to publish this mode, funny clips are certainly created.

What would you think of such a mode? Would you try it or build build already in you and you can not think it anymore? Let us know!