Path of Exile Update 1 94 Patchnotizen Carlos Hurtado

Update 1.94 has arrived for Weg of the exile, and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch. This patch will resolve several crashes and problems that led to the game in terms of general actions and behavior in the game was inconsistent. Some other small client problems have also been fixed so that the players should have a better experience after this update. Everything is new with Path of Exile Update 1.94.


This patch contains some improvements in the geißelliga, optimizes the damage caused by some monsters and fixes a variety of small and medium mistakes.

Improvements of the scourge

When you encounter a boss in Nightmare, blood flow from the crucible is now interrupted for 5 seconds.
The corrupt mythical ball can now increase unpredictably corrupted objects to unique items, even if their item level is lower than they might usually fall. Before this change, the ball could not be applied to the object if there were no valid unique items for upgrading.

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The damage of the skills Blood ball and spin-lockfire from a vigorous blood former was reduced.
The damage of the skill vomiting and rays of the demon shepherd was reduced.
The number of monsters with proximity tag, which can appear in some encounters with the scourge, was reduced.
The progress bar Corruption Absorbed is now displayed under the items stored in the bloodthlock without having to go with the mouse over it.

Other improvements

The damage of the soil explosions of Baranit thaumaturge was reduced. This change does not affect Baranit thaumaturge ghosts.


An error has been fixed, in which item filter weapons and jewelry mistakenly assign a baseFENCENTILE value of 0 instead of 100.
An error has been fixed in which the color of the pedestal could be changed on the skin of the Loyal Unikat.
An error has been fixed where Zanas Fortune Favors The Brave Map Device option could not open a card.
An error has been fixed, sometimes failed to fall from the citadel of a conqueror.
An error has been fixed by which it was not possible to open portals to a betray-safe or temple from Atzoatl from a guild vehicle.
It has been fixed a bug by which the championship 20% chance to avoid anesthesia resistance and disease protection championship no anesthetic avoidance.
An error has been fixed in which some amulet modifiers for the influence of the Redeemer made a reduced manar test efficiency instead of an increased. This fix applies to existing elements.
An error has been fixed in which the Wändader Challenge Foresection card sold by Zana had no price.
An error has been fixed in which there were no price in the villa contracts sold by Wakano.
A client crash has been fixed that appeared when Spectral Shield Throw has been applied to an equipped shield with Vanishing Dye.
A client crash has been fixed, which could occur in the microtransaction of the automatic manufacturing effect of divine anger.
A frequent client crash has been fixed.
Fixed crash of two instances.

All these bug fixes are a nice complement to the game and make it more stable and more reliable for the community. Some other changes were made to scourge, causing some skills to cause less damage, and a small change in the user interface, such as the display of the progress bar of the corruption absorbed among the articles stored in the bloodthlon, without the mouse pointer must be moved over it. This patch has been provided without restarting the server so you need to restart your client to get the client changes. For more information about this patch, visit the Official Path of Exile Web site.

Way of exile is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox ONE.