Diablo 2 Resurrected Blizzard expresses itself to the serious problems and how it goes on

Diablo 2 Resurrected has still struggling with massive server problems after a serious start. Now developer Blizzrard has commented and PTR and a new patch announced. Meinmmo summarizes the information for you.

What problems do it work? Since the release, Diablo has 2 resurrected with massive server problems. Players sometimes hang in queues for hours, there are always crashes and longer failures.

As the reasons Blizzard called the modern behavior of the players who had started too many boss runs.
The server structure of the over 20 year old gaming is no longer with.
Meanwhile, the mood is also pretty hostile because of statements like this.
Especially bad is the mood on the consoles, players even demanded to take these versions from Diablo 2 Resurrected from the trade.

In response to the problems, Blizzard finally led queues to better control the load on the servers. But that, however, caused criticism, as players had to wait in part hours to get to a server.

Before the start of the 1st season of the ladder mode, players do not believe that they will run around and that the game is ready for it.

Finally, Blizzard has said and betrayed how it wants to proceed against the problems.

Diablo 2 resurrected improves queues and announces PTR

So Diablo 2 Resurrected now wants to improve the situation: In a statement from the official forum, Blizzard announces that you want to deliver some changes to the server structure to stabilize it.

Specifically, what database is stored in the online characters of the players. Currently, these are stored in a global database, requiring additional server capacities. At the moment you are working on a change that these will be stored regionally in the future.

This change is currently still internally tested by the developers and should then be made accessible on a test server for players. So it should be ensured that there is no problems when you play on the public servers.

So far, it is not exactly known when this change is to be publicly tested, but it should give a client update to the queues this week.

What is this for an update? The update should improve the queues and make more transparent. In the future, the placement of the players should be displayed in the queue. In addition, you also want to show the potential waiting time in the queue.

In addition, you are working on methods to get more players on the servers at maximum times and better control the number of players (via us.forums.blizzard.com).

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What does Blizzard still say? In addition to working on the server problems, patches are obviously in work that should fix bugs and glitches.

Further information should follow in the near future, but it is significant updates.

While the mood at Diablo 2 resurrected is not good, competitor patch of exile is shiny with the latest update with his fans.

DIABLO II RESURRECTED En el OJO DE LA TORMENTA , Blizzard y el Pirateo masivo
What do you think about the statement? Do you find the changes useful? Or do the measures may not be enough?