Fortnite November 2 Patch Adds A Brand new Exotic Tool

The Fortnite patch for November 2 is currently available on all systems, and though it s just a small hotfix, it includes two new weapons to the video game, including one that can be found plentifully and an additional that will be much rarer and also will cost you a few gold bars if you intend to lug it on your own. Here s what new to Fortnite following the current patch.

Fortnite November 2 Patch Notes


With the most current patch, Fortnite doesn t just play host to a recently unvaulted tool; it likewise gets a brand-new and also chillier version with a fun spin. The Grappler is back as well as it can currently be discovered as loot in breasts as well as supply declines. If you re a Fortnite vet, you ll remember the Grappler permits you to fire a plunger-like projectile on a rope that quickly pulls you forward.

It s helpful as a method to obtain out of the storm a bit faster or to catch an enemy with an unconventional quickness. It will occupy one supply port, but also for lots of, it deserves it for the Batman-like hijinx that may follow.

For players that wish to take their hurting method the extra mile, a never-before-seen Unique variant, the Icy Grappler, is now offered. Like other Exotics, it can be bought from an NPC. This time around it s Fabio Sparklemane, the skilled cereal mascot/unicorn who hangs out at Apres Ski southwest of Misty Meadows.

The Icy Grappler takes the self-slingshotting auto mechanic of the Grappler as well as adds an ice-cold twist to the end of the maneuver. As you land after using it, your feet will count on ice blocks, a lot like we have actually seen in previous Winterfests, which allows you to skate forward for several meters. This prosper will give you not just a little bit extra distance per thrust with the Icy Grappler, yet it needs to additionally make you a harder target to strike if anybody is tracking your motions.

Both variations of the Grappler are currently available in standard playlists, yet keep in mind that they won t show up in affordable playlists, which is to be anticipated.

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