Wow Patch 9 1 5 is live Have fun with feel good

WOW patch 9.1.5 is live! The focus of the intermediate update is comfort, balancing and the Legion time migration – magic tower inclusive. In fact, today, on the 3rd of November, it changes in the small one so much that we could create an article with the 40 changes in Patch 9.1.5. Here are some highlights:

free packing change from glory 80
Solo expeditions

Patch 9.1.5 GUIDE: All You Need To Know
5-player war fronts
AOE-CAP is removed in many cases
The time immigration event for Legion starts at the beginning of December and will last two weeks

Conquer the magic tower during the Legion time migration
You can scrap Legendary s
You can send anima to twinks
Twinks can jump on glory 40 immediately
Medieval energy is completely removed
You can enhance Herbstück on level 60
You can skip the introduction in the Schlund
Allied peoples can be unlocked faster
There are new travel forms for Druids
There are new customization options for various peoples

As I said: All 40 improvements can be found in detailed form in the linked article. Also, a look at the official German patch Notes for more details:

WOW: Official German Patch Notes for 9.1.5 (Update of 2 November)

Incidentally, Blizzard has now published an overview of Patch 9.1.5. There are mainly the improvement for the gaming experience in the foreground:

Island expeditions: Log in as single player or group

Players can now line up alone or in groups for the difficulty levels normal, heroic or mythically in the queue for island expeditions. A whole series of rewards are just waiting to be captured.

Activation ally peoples

For allies peoples, such as the people of Kul Tiras, Mechagnome and Dunkenisenzwergen, for whose activation has so far the conclusion of a dungeon was required, the respective quest must now no longer be completed to obtain access to these peoples. Players can easily skip them.

Linking Transmogrification Sets

Provides your complete transmogrification set in chat or online by simply linking it out of the sample. Players can go with the mouse over the items to see how they can be obtained, whether they are already in their possessions or whether the template is available for the viewing character.

Mass adjustments for PVP equipment

Low item PVP equipment is now scaling in PVP situations to a higher item level. That should weaken the power gap, so that new characters get the feeling of keeping on slaughter fields and in arenas. This adaptation has no influence on PVP equipment of higher object levels.

Which innovation of Patch 9.1.5 Are you looking forward to the most? Track us in the comments!

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