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Jurassic World, or Jurassic World in Quebec, is an American film-fiction and adventure movie directed by Colin Trevor row, released in 2015. This is the 4th component of the Jurassic Park cinematographic collection, easily adapted from Romans Jurassic Park. And also the lost world of the writer Michael Crichton.
The tale of the movie takes place twenty-two years after the events of the Movie Jurassic Park, on the exact same island: Islam Nuclear. Regardless of the events that took place throughout the 3 previous movies, Jurassic World opened, however after a couple of years, the park is struggling to retain a target market currently blazed. The scholars of Inge then synthetically conceive a variety of bigger and even more intense dinosaurs, the Incoming Rex, which does not wait to run away from its room. The movie stages the stars Chris Pratt and also Bryce Dallas Howard generally duties. Several types of dinosaurs existing in previous films reappear there, specifically the T. rex.
The film is generally welcomed by objection in the United States, but increases a conflict regarding its smaller sized clinical precision than previous movies and also its possible sexism. He obtains a lot more common evaluations at his leave in France. Jurassic World obtains an excellent industrial success and also beats numerous documents at the box office (getting to the third location of the biggest success of the world ticket office in 2015), therefore launching the beginning of brand-new films of the Jurassic Park franchise business.

Although maintenance work in New Worlds are as popular as dental visits, but they are a necessary evil for a New World Update today: The hot expected patch 1.1 is still today (November 18, 2021) live. He attracts with a mountain in adjustments, fixes and even a new weapon s genre.

The game will be from 14:00 clock The developers expect a downtime of four hours. After that, the new update in New World (Buy Now €39,99) go online. But what is exactly in it? The developers have published the update notes! We present the biggest highlights from the official patch notes.

Bug fixes

Some New World bugs are also fixed, but will not be mentioned in the official patch Notes to 1.1. These are the following :

We have fixed a problem in which chests in the Lazarus instrument and the garden of the origin did not contribute to increasing the Watermark system of a player.
Fixed bugs that prevented the production of Arcane weapons of the Item Level 600.
T5 arms forge pants are now being caught by the NPC entropy so that players can complete their complete arms forge improvement set.
The coin profit of expedition bosses from the Starsteingrab mound was increased by 25% — this increases to 100% expeditions in the endgame.

New weapon: ominous gauntlets

The ominous gains have appeared in Sternum. Manipulating the power of disaster, supports your allies and weakens your opponents with this magical hybrid weapon, which distributes damage as well as support. It is the first weapon that scales both with intelligence and concentration. This makes them an ideal complement to the life rod and other magical weapons. Adventurers can use the ethereal magic to different ways with two weapon guiding trees:

Ext aching focuses on maximum damage at a short distance and revolves around the disaster blade, a summoned blade of decomposing uniform energy. Decay delivers healing and weakening at removal and circles the expiration sphere, a bullet with two phases, the opponent can weaken and heal allies.

With her arsenal on bonuses and weaknesses, the ominous gains are perfect for the group battle and allies can be significantly strengthened at the expense of your opponents.

New World for Update today Down, Patch Notes from 1.0.6 are there (2) Source: Amazon Game Studios

MOST Important Changes & Updates in New World 1.1 Into The Void - Everything You NEED To Know!

New opponents Lagrangian knights

The Iranians are a group of knights that currently make the southeast of Perineum unsure. Her leader is Lord Commander At talus, a dallier, which is notorious for his brutality and its own sense of humor. Commander At talus and the Iranians are the vassals of a powerful war chest named Varix Hammer Nov. They were sent to the southeast of Sternum to seek magical artifacts and arcane knowledge left by the purple wizard. They want to secure magical weapons that can help their princes with his conquests. Between the Iranians there is a great competition, and they compete with each other around the favor of their Lord Commander At talus. New World for Update today down, patch notes of 1.0.6 are there (4) Source: Amazon Game Studios However, everyone knows why these fearful warriors have come to Sternum at all. Imagine numerous new species of opponents, including the Lagrangian Bauer, Lagrangian Scout, Lagrangian Knights and Lagrangian archers while trying to find out what exactly they are looking for in Sternum.

Trading items, enemy types, running speed & co

Faster running on roads! When running on roads there is now a motion bonus:
+10% movement speed, if you are on roads on the way.
The elevated movement speed is initially triggered when players run for 3 seconds and are on a street.
The motion bonus goes out when players are involved in fighting, such as evoking, blocking, attacking or hit by a weakening.
We have revised several tasks in the main action to make the players experience more exciting and dynamic, such as struggles in waves, destructible objects and meeting tracking nodes.
The healing bonus for lightweight equipment weight was increased from 20 to 30% and the medium equipment weight healing bonus from 10 to 15%.
Damage reduction by the bonus at 250 constitution was reduced from 80 to 60%.

New World for Update today Down, Patch Notes of 1.0.6 are there (1) Source: Amazon Game Studios

New I opponents
New lost opponents
Heeling swarm magician
Hotelier Beetle
Lost shaman
Lost house alligator
Innovations for corrupt villagers
The strong corrupted worker has set his pickaxed and steady weights instead — he now looks stronger than ever.
The attacks sets of the villagers have been revised to make it better off.

All trading posts are now connected.
The fees for buying and sales orders are defined by the settlement in which they publish them.
Transaction taxes on your purchases are defined by the settlement in which you make the purchase.
Items listed in expired sales orders are returned to the settlement, from where they were offered.

The amount of honey obtained by beehives was reduced by 50% and the amount of milk obtained from cows 65%. Honey trees are not affected. We have made this change because there are more milk and honey in the world when we originally accepted. The bees and cows like that.

Property tax is now due to every 7 instead of every 5 days. The amount has not changed. So players now have 2 additional days in their homes without increasing the tax.

Update: In the original version, we have claimed that it was New World Update 1.0.6, but in reality it is New World Update 1.1 – we apologize for the mistake.

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