Battlefield 2042 New Update comes next week Nerft OP boats and Fix revivation

About Twitter battlefield 2042 the next patch announced. Which is to come next week and devote two of the currently most discussed problems in the game. We at Mango summarize the early patch notes together for you.

When is the update? A concrete date we have not. On Twitter is merely end of next week is mentioned. So perhaps on Thursday, November 25, or Friday, 26 November.

Although the full patch notes are not available yet, but at least some things have already been mentioned, around which the patch is to take care of.

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This includes two of the currently most annoying problems in Battlefield 2042: OP hovercraft and the Revival bug. Here are the patch notes early.

Battlefield 2042 Update fixes hovercrafts and redeploy bug

We know about the upcoming update: The developers have called five specific points that should be addressed in the next patch.

This includes:

The resuscitation or redeploy bug is fixed.
The UAV-1 vehicle comes back into play. It has been previously removed from balance reasons from the portal mode.
Problems with missing loadouts be fixed.
The NCAA hovercraft is nerfed while the MD540 Night bird helicopter will also be revised.

The armor and armament of the hovercraft is weakened.
The weapons of the Night Birds are also weakened.

Especially the Revival bow and the changes to the hovercrafts are likely to be important for the players.

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Why is this so important for the players The resuscitation or redeploy bug caused two annoying problems: players could not be revived by their team members in certain circumstances.

This is incredibly annoying in the heat of battle, a fallen not to be underestimated and for paramedics, as well as players. In addition, some players could not even re-spawn by the bug, so they no longer came after the death back to the battlefield. The players manage to draw attention to a trick to others on the bug.

In turn, the hovercraft ensured already in the beta and early access for attention. They hold very much, almost as much as a tank, rolling over countless opponents and even outsmart the laws of physics.

Whether the reduced armor will be enough to stop this overpower ten boats shall show up after the update.

What is otherwise still in the patch? We know not currently. It is possible that these are the only changes.

It would be a long list of other problems, the developers DICE needs to tackle. Especially the scattering with assault rifles is an Burger for many players.

But it is quite possible that it is still working on other fixes that make it into the update. Unfortunately we have to wait for more information.

Overall, the official release of Battlefield 2042 was not smooth mainly because of technical problems. It is currently torn on Steam, only 21% positive reviews