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In the future Commander Shepard could take on your screen at home without your access to choices — the popular science-fiction video game series Mass Effect is all likely to receive a series. Amazon Prime has set itself in the head of investing more in adaptations and the signing of a corresponding agreement would already be imminent, it says according to the US Magazine Deadline.

But as with every video game adaptation fans have reason to worry due to such a message. For example, they think of the cinematic implementations of Resident Evil, especially the recent film Welcome to Raccoon City, a real estate is aware that such adaptations would like to go into the pants.

from a large franchise follows great responsibility

The former bioware author David Glider, senior scribe at the three games of the Dragon Age series, who left his place in Bipolar in 2016 after 17 years, is skeptical. On Twitter, he expressed his concerns about the probably upcoming Mass Effect series and what problems brings them.

First: Mass Effect (Buy Now €21.26 / €28.49) and Dragon Age have a selectable protagonist. This means that the TV series must decide if the said protagonist is male or female. Boom, Immediately you have destroyed the hopes of a whole series of existing fans.

Second, these protagonists have been designed, so they have been more or less no personality to be influenced and managed by the players’ decisions. This will not work a passive medium. So suddenly we have a protagonist with their own personality And a separate story. That’s strange.

Personages protagonists and too many companions

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You think I’m wrong? Consider how much of the story is unloaded on the companions. Through them, players get the majority of their emotional bonds and encounters. On themselves alone are the protagonists of Dragon Age and Mass Effect… Well, pretty boring. That will not work easily.

And thinks about these companions. Remember how much the fan base hangs on them. Now consider the fact that there will never be a story that gives them all attention to all of them. Think of the angry exclamation when companion X thinks When Cameo is dealt with or not appears.

Gear continues a little further, why he also no solution in it, to the protagonist and the companions behind to focus on the story : The plot of both Mass Effect and Dragon Age was, at best, use. And I do not deal with that, The story is, according to Gear, above all, a catalyst for the choices and interactions of the player. Let’s wait if Amazon Prime succeeds when the Mass Effect series really should come.

Source: David Glider on Twitter

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