Battlefield 2142, BF2142 or even more seldom BTF2142, is a first-person online shooting computer game based upon the group video game. Developed by Dice, the game came out on October 18, 2006, on the Microsoft Windows systems as well as was worn on Mac OS X a year later.

Battlefield 2042... Don't waste your money...
His circumstance occurs in the middle of the 21st century, throughout a brand-new antarctic period. It suggests 2 teams of gamers, whose lens is the capture of key areas, throughout components for a quarter of a hr and half an hour. It is planned for the video game in multiplayer, sustaining approximately sixty-four players on a web server or allows having fun alone with fifteen robots in occupation setting. Furthermore, it establishes up a similar ranking system to that Battlefield 2, making it possible to make data on gamers. The video game is a practically success online. One month after his exit, even more than a million parties have actually been played. As a result of this trend of the gamers, the Electronic Arts publisher has launched an expansion called Northern Strike, which contains brand-new video game elements.

The new Battlefield 2042 comes to both the players as not so good even in the trade press as surely hoped by Electronic Arts. The total rather negative reviews already have shown on Steam. But a look at the review aggregator Metacritic draws no really better picture. There, the new Battlefield even a negative record on.

What rating Battlefield 2042 has in Metacritic?

Regarding the critics in both the trade press the PC version cuts of Battlefield 2042 an average score of 70/100 still on top. The console versions are, however, in the 60 area. This is anyway not a very impressive figure for a blockbuster game. At the same time it is a record low Metacritic rating in Battlefield history.

Even the many fans skeptical looked Battlefield Hardliner from the 2015 comes with a Metacritic 71er standings. Battlefield 5 is in much better 81 and Battlefield 1 even in the 88th

What is the user-rating of Battlefield 2042?

somber yet it looks at the Metacritic reviews from the ranks of the users. There is Battlefield 2042 (buy now €54.99 / €53.99) on just 2.3 out of a maximum of ten points. This is also a low point in the recent series history of Battlefield and would certainly not please the publisher Electronic Arts.

The fans complain among other things, the small selection of weapons, the lack of major multiplayer features and the moderate gun play. Many users refer to the game as the previously the worst Battlefield offshoot.

Battlefield 2042 in review: Between Heaven & Hell

Source: Metacritic

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