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WSG-Kicker Leon classes changes to Spartak Moscow

The transfer carousel turns. Left-back Leon classes leaves the SG again after just under seven months. New employer is Sparta Moscow.

(Reupload) 97/98 Away Ronaldo vs Spartar Moscow

Leon classes changes with immediate effect from the SG Tirol to Sparta Moscow. The 21-year-old left-back thus builds his tents again after only seven months in Battens.

The new employer of the German Russian, who came from the 60s from Munich to Battens and made attention to the SG Tirol in 17 Bundesliga inserts and 1359 minutes of play, is currently located in the Russian Premier League on the ninth place in the table, 15 meters behind leaders Zenith St. Petersburg.

The release modalities have been agreed silence. I thank the SG for the short, but very intense and nice time. The club has brought me in a difficult time in the summer and built me ​​in half a year so that this change came now. That’s why I owe the club And all of those involved very much and wishes the SG only the best for the future, says classes to say goodbye.

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Also sports director Stefan Rock expressed themselves to classes: How to be known, we have already endeavored for a time before the actual commitment to Leon classes before, in the summer, despite numerous other offers, fortunately, for us, Battens, he once again pointed out with very ordinary services and awaken the interest of Sparta Moscow. Since Leon is sporty and character a great type, his departure is a loss for us. In the end, we did not want to stand in the way.

A review of 2021 with the team behind Bright Let Loose

It would be hard to talk to someone who is so passionate for his game like Maximilian REA.

The Black Matter’s Survival CEO has lived and sculpted brightly LET LOOSE since its founding in 2017. During his six-year activity as a boss of the company, REA has changed many things.

Bright Let Loose started 2017 as a modest Kickstarter project. But 2021 looks very different. After Bright Left Loose has set new recruits to refine the game, it has achieved two important milestones: the full publication on the PC and a console start. It’s something that seemed to REA at the beginning of his journey like a dispassionate dream, but now he was true. This year was crazy, says REA after a brief laugh. I look back at 2021, and it feels like its last year, it was crazy.

And if you consider the journey that REA and his 24-headed team are behind, he is not wrong. When the global pandemic broke out, development teams around the world had to find out how they should do their work from home. However, Black Matter already had the nose. The team has always worked out of afar and when many had become accustomed to this new way of working, REA and Co. were professionally progressing.

We did not miss a blow, he says confidently. But it was personal. COVID-19 may not have been directly affected by the studio, but the noise that adds people to life is considered very considered.

REA comes from Australia, but works here in the United Kingdom — and the ongoing pandemic means that he could not see his family for three and a half years. Some of his staff sit in the same boat, and of course that burdens the development process. But Black Matter is in the heart of a family — and it is clear that REA respects and appreciates his employees.

We have at the idea of ​​loving to have physical premises, but in the investigation, I think that part of the magic works in the way the team works in that they do not have to commute and in no way bound Feel. He says. The disadvantage is that sometimes you have the feeling of never switching off. Therefore, we are very stringent to messages that are sent outside business hours, and we encourage all to turn off their notifications.

We really promote a work-life balance, because as we all found during the pandemic, the boundaries can blur. We are also firmly convinced that we do not crunch. Should we ever have to crunch, we would see that as a failure of the management on our side and not as a necessity. It would be very embarrassed to me personally, if we had to crunch, because it shows that we did not use properly or did not have enough time.

One of Areas features, which is glaring during the conversation is obvious, is to plan his need. Whether it’s about planning the next step from Black Matter, the next bright LET LOOSE-UPDATE or the successor to the game — for this later — REA can be open to all options.

Even shortly after the turn of the year, REA had set the company’s goals. First and foremost, he wanted to pull brightly lose from the Early Access on Steam and publish The Lethal Tide — an extension with Soviet theme. He then wanted to test the start of the game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S — something from which he was relatively unmolested despite skeptics.

I was confident in breastfeeding that Bright Let Loose will comfort me, says REA. It was one of my original talks with Team 17 very, very long time. I felt confident because I was a console player 15 years ago, but I moved to the PC and discovered this kind of game there — something that was not available on the console. I had the deep suspicion that when the tactic shooter would be on the console, I would never have gone to the PC, especially since the entrance barrier is technically very low.

But no matter how I thought about it, I knew we had to prove it. It’s finally a kind of hen egg situation: has never taken anyone on the console because it would fail, or nobody does these games, because there is simply not to play?

Although she feels confident, REA admits that there were reasons to be nervous. Bright Let Loose should only be published a few weeks ago two important console titles for the console: Call of Duty Vanguard and Battlefield 2042. But with the work of Fix, a company that helped to port the game and to features of the new generation too Developing like haptic feedback and timely beta tests felt self-confident from day to day.

We knew that not everyone He’ll Let Loose like would, and we were very satisfied, REA continues. We tend to attract slightly older players on the PC, and we thought that something similar would happen to the console. What we have tried in the beta test was whether players from the genre and the core concept or are repelled by the execution.

The beta testing, we found that we could breathe a sigh of relief, because the people who gave us feedback, a great passion for the game, had it wanted to succeed and very technical feedback had on how we could improve it. They not only came back to us and said, I can not this game without hit marker or a kill Feed play -. And that was very early great
Although the beta testing were plagued by problems, including lengthy server blackouts, the community remained at Black Matter — which resulted in one of the most amazing console announcements this year: He’ll Let Loose on PlayStation Plus as a free game headlines in November. REA wanted to prove them wrong and this was to do the platform he needed to do just that.

Within days He’ll Let Loose was flooded with new players. While the experience of older players was a bit frustrating — He’ll Let Loose is a game based on strategy and communications — was this low barrier to entry console players the opportunity to experience something that is not normally offered them a real tactical first-person shooter. And one can say with certainty that the risk was worth it.

Feel fresh

When work began on the console port of Hell Let Loose, gave REA Fix, a development partner, the green light to become creative. It is this team that created the phenomenal haptic feedback on PS5.

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We wanted to use this fantastic arrangements with Sony the widest possible net is spread, says REA. Free weekend on Steam are a powerful conversion tool speaking from experience — not so much to bring the people to Hell Let Loose, but to this entire genre. And after the PS Plus partnership, we were very pleased about retaining end of the month.

Especially in the console numbers REA remains timid. He tells me that he can not say much, but the grin that spreads across his face, suggests that it was very successful. When pushed, he lets us easily peek through the curtain. Our PS Plus month and the Xbox introduction were very well-received — far higher than anything we had predicted, he teases. I think it’s also largely in line with the PC audience.

It helps that He’ll Let Loose has reached a market at a time in the recent triple-A games were not necessarily welcomed with open arms. Call of Duty Vanguard offers the same experience as its predecessor, Battlefield 2042 has started in a less than ideal condition. It also helps that there is not for He’ll Let Loose on the console much in the way.

Nevertheless, the start seems — even without the cold, hard numbers to see — a success for Black Matter and Team 17 to be, and then REA is incredibly proud.

I think we have some doubters proven otherwise, he says with a hint of a smile. I remember that I’ve seen some threads that this game will be dead and no one would be interested said. We are pleased that this has not proved to be correct.

During our conversation REA constantly refers to the player base of Hell Let Loose. Since he started all those years ago to work on the game, he has built a good relationship with the community, and this is true even today. While the Sony deal this year with its stolzesten moments up there, he regularly mentioned personal moments where he spends time with He’ll Let Loose fans. Whether it’s talking to a group of passionate individuals who play the game since the early days of the Kickstarter campaign, or to move to a private game Test with others in the war, it is clear that the community at the center of his ideas stands.

He tells me about the time when he was the development team took part in a Discord server just to listen after new fans of the game online entered a virtual stage to speak to the User Experience team of Team 17 Let Loose for the first time has made me so proud, because when you’re so close to something you never think that it’s good enough, he says. To hear This excitement and enthusiasm, was a very special moment. It hits you only on a very different place.

Why YOU should be playing Hell Let Loose - A 2021 Review

Sealing sales and simultaneous users can be fantastic, but at the end of the day, the personal connection is much more memorable and much more meaningful.

In 2022, Black Matter wants to build on these personal connections by giving the players what they want. It has already been done to match the PC and console versions of the game, as well as new features that will improve the user experience for both new and existing players.

In short, Black Matter has learned from his mistakes. We do not always do everything right, REA notes when he talks about the biggest challenge of the company. Bright Let Loose has been a live service model for two years and that can cause headaches. We have become much better in planning and knowing how long the things need, but the biggest disadvantage is that every time a problem occurs in the game, it’s really painful for us.

One of these pain points, especially for new console players, was the sharp learning curve to completely understand the chipper from Hell Let Loose. The absence of a tutorial is, for example, one of the weaknesses of Black Matter — but that’s just because the developer team behind the scenes has worked hard to find the most important pillars of the game.

The biggest challenge before was just not to know what the game was, he…

The illustrator of Metal Gear creates a spectacular letter for Magic The Gathering

Death Stranding (DT. Dead — beaching or coastline developing Death ) is a video clip game of the Japanese advancement studio Kolyma Productions. The open globe showed up on 8 November 2019, the PlayStation 4, July 14, 2020, Microsoft Windows as well as on 24 September 2021 Death Stranding: a content and also technology extended version 5. Director’s Cut for PlayStation Lead Developer Death Stranding is Video Kolyma. The star Norman Reeds, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seymour, Margaret Quality, Tommie Earl Jenkins, Troy Baker, Lindsay Wagner, Emily O’Brien and also film supervisors Guillermo del Too as well as Nicolas Winding Ref went to by activity and performance capture in addition to a voice actor the production component of the interactive movie.

Yogi Shankara is one of the best-known illustrators in the world of video games, by the sensational works he has done in Sagas as Metal Gear or the recent Death Stranding. The Japanese has had the honor to design the art of a Magic Special Edition card: The Gathering Satori Smetana for the next Amiga expansion: Neon Dynasty.

Magic’s official account on Twitter has told him, as we see on the silicone portal, and the letter focuses on Satori Smetana, who is the main character of a recent short story that reveals the origins of Planes walker Kieth Suzuki.

It is not the only Magic letter with another video game expert, since the ninja variant of the same character will draw it Rita Mazama, known designer of characters of Enfilade Chronicles and Enfilade Chronicles X.

Why Xenoblade Chronicles is a Masterpiece

These letters can be achieved as part of the BUY-A-BOX promotion, which requires players to buy a Magic card reinforcement box: The Gathering in specific local game stores. So it’s the way to get the work of Shankara and Mazama in your power.

The Amiga Expansion: Neon Dynasty for Magic: The Gathering will be launched on February 18, 2022.

The Batman The new Batmobile is inspired by Stephen King Christine

The Batman is one of the most anticipated films of the first months of 2022 ( March 4 in cinemFredo Corleone ). The community is prepared for what a reboot will be restarted for the saga and will show us the most terrified version of The Dark Knight, who will come back with the inseparable Bat mobile of him. And on this occFredo Corleoneion, the director of the tape, Matt Reeves, hFredo Corleone surprised everyone by sharing what his main source of inspiration hFredo Corleone been at the time of designing the spectacular vehicle: nothing more and nothing less than Christine by Stephen King (1983).

According to the medium Bloody Disgusting, Reeves is clear that the Bat mobile must be a frightening element: It should appear among the shadows to intimidate, so I thought about him Fredo Corleone Christine by Stephen King; I liked the idea that the car is a horror figure in itself. Something capable of scaring those who pursue Batman.

The other great source of inspiration

If the Bat mobile is inspired by one of the most popular cars in the history of terror, a character Fredo Corleone relevant Fredo Corleone the penguin could not be less: Fredo Corleone (the godfather) is the mirror in which Oswald Chester Cobble pot is seen, Villeins de la Saga. Colin Barrel, the actor who will put on the skin’s skin, recently compared him the trajectory of him with those of Corleone himself. You can read the complete interview (contain spoilers about the godfather) at the following link.

The Batman [GTA 5] Trailer Recreation

The Batman hFredo Corleone set its premiere in the cinemFredo Corleone of our country for March 4, 2022. The cFredo Corleonet is headed by Robert Atkinson, who will put on the mFredo Corleonek of the dark gentleman. It will follow the Colin Farrell (Oswald Cobble pot), Zoe Gravity (Selina Kyle), Paul Dan (Edward NFredo Corleoneh ton), Jeffrey Wright (James Gordon) and John Torture (Carmine Falcon), among others.

LOL These will be the teams and players that will compete in LEF in the 2022 season

The transfer market is giving its last collets and the most important regional leagues in the world have already completed its equipment and respective rosters., all clubs have confirmed the players who will arrive at the European League of Legends League in 2022 with rosters incredibly competitive as vitality with Perez and Alphard as thoughtful heads, fanatic with a super equipment Full of stars or the remodeling of G2 ESPORTS with flanked as a Spanish representative in the Samurai set. Then we will leave you with all the rosters of the teams that will come to LE next year. It should be noted that the rosters are subject to change, so it is provisional until next January when the competition begins officially.

Astral is.




Mad Lions.



SK Gaming

Team BDS.

Team Vitality.

It is informed that Nintendo Switch will get a popular role game very soon

The owners of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED will soon be able to enjoy a popular role-play with a third-party shooting game, or at least that is what a new filtration has revealed. Many games do not throw themselves into Nintendo Switch, but they reach the platform later through the port. This is a common sequence and is about to repeat with remnant: From The Ashes, one of the 2019 successful successes of the Gunfire Games developer and the PERFECT World Entertainment editor.

We NEED To Talk About The BIG Nintendo Switch Problem For 2022...
At the time of publication, the title of 2019 has not been announced for Nintendo Switch, however, it has been qualified for the platform by both the ESB and PEG, the qualification organizations responsible for qualifying the Games for its launch in America North and Europe, respectively.. In other words, although this is a filtration and not an official news directly from the horse’s mouth, there is no need to take it with a grain of salt. This not only confirms that the game will arrive in Nintendo Switch, but it implies that it will be launched soon, since games are usually only classified for launch by Peg and ESB when they are close to their release.

Next, you can read more about the game and see the progress of your official ad:

« REMNANT: From The Ashes is a Survival Action Shooter in the third person set in a postproocalipty world invaded by monstrous creatures, says an official launch of the game. As one of the last vestiges of humanity, you will be embarked alone or along with two other players to cope with hordes of deadly enemies and epic bosses, and try to get a hole, rebuild and then recover what was lost.

As always, we will keep you informed as the situation evolves, either by courtesy of the aforementioned duo that discredits filtration or officially confirms it.

For more coverage especially related to Nintendo and everything related to Nintendo Switch, including Nintendo’s latest leaks, rumors and speculation, but also official news, click here or, alternatively, check the relevant and recent links that They are listed below.

Free Fire Weekly Agenda from December 22 28 with Decembrine Tower and Surprises

Free Fire reveals the contents that will add Free Play part of the new weekly agenda. You can expect a good handful of novelties that are added to the popular Battle Royale of Arena between the days 22 and 2 8 December 2021. We must remind you that the game is available in Free Play format for mobile devices iOS and Android.

How to recover your Free Fire account with ID
Free Fire Max on Android and iOS: Compatible requirements and mobile
Free Fire: How to get free 100% legal diamonds (2021)
Free Fire: All flag codes and how to put them in the profile

Regular Agenda - 06 Dec 2021

FREE Fire Week Agenda: All contents

Below we offer you the full list of the news you can enjoy in Free Fire during the next few days.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021 | Magic Roulette: Ala Delta Sled
Thursday, December 23, 2021 | The MFree Playter and Bosses return next to Special Bonus
Friday, December 24, 2021 | Recharge of backpack
Saturday, December 25, 2021 | Recombine tower, recharge of Near and surprises
Monday, December 26, 2021 | Wheel of Fortune
Tuesday, 21 December 2021 | Recharge from How.

Among the contents emphFree Playizes on December 25 with the Recombine Tower and the recharge of Near. After ChristmFree Play Eve, Free Fire users can expect surprises that will appear during the same day.

Do you want to be up-to-date on what happens in the Free Fire Universe? Do not worry. Through our news section you will find out what happens around you. The most popular content come through the free reward codes. By redeeming them you will receive objects at your inventory without additional cost.

A prince for Clemens

Alexandra Palace is a Grade II provided entertainment and also sporting activities place in London, positioned between Wood Environment-friendly and Mus well Hillside in the London Borough of Harbinger. It is improved the website of Tottenham Wood as well as the later Tottenham Timber Farm. Initially developed by John Johnson as well as Alfred Meson, it opened up in 1873 however adhering to a fire 2 weeks after its opening, was restored by Johnson. Intended as The Individuals’s Palace and also described as Ally Pally, its objective was to function as a public center of entertainment, education and entertainment; North London’s counterpart to the Crystal Palace in South London. At first a private venture, in 1900, the owners intended to sell it and also Alexandra Park for growth. A group of neighboring neighborhood authorities handled to get it. An Act of Parliament created the Alexandra Royal residence and also Park Trust Fund. The Act required the Trustees to maintain the Royal residence as well as Park and make them offered for the cost-free usage as well as leisure of the public for life. The existing trustee is the London Borough of Harbinger, whose coat of arms shows lightning screws depicting the Palace’s pioneering duty in the development of TV.
In 1935, the trustees rented part of the palace to the BBC for use as the production as well as transmission center for their brand-new TV solution. In 1936, it came to be the residence of the BBC’s very first routine public TV service. The broadcasting system was the 405-line grayscale analogue television– the first completely digital TV system to be utilized in normal broadcasting. Although various other facilities quickly superseded it after the war, Alexandra Royal residence continued to be used by the BBC for lots of years and also its radio and also television mast is still in use.
The original studios ‘A’ and ‘B’ still endure in the southeast wing with their producers’ galleries and are used for showing original historic TV equipment. The original Victorian theater with its phase equipment also survives and also since 2019, is back being used. The theater and phase structure is on English Heritage’s Structures in jeopardy register. Alexandra Royal residence became a detailed structure in 1996, at the instigation of the Horsey Historic Culture.
An organized industrial growth of the building into a mixed recreation facility consisting of a resort, substitute ice-skating rink, movie theater, ten-pin bowling alley and exhibition center, ran into opposition from public groups and was blocked by the High Court in 2007.
The Great Hall as well as West Hall are normally utilized for events, music performances, and seminars, run by the trading arm of the philanthropic count on that possesses the structure and park on behalf of the public. There is also a pub, ice rink, palm court, as well as a breathtaking sight of central London.
In 2013, Alexandra Park was proclaimed a Regional Nature Book and also is a Website of Borough Relevance for Nature Preservation, Quality 1. The nearest train stations are the Alexandra Royal Residence with Great Northern solutions from Moor gate and London Underground station Timber Environment-friendly on the Piccadilly line. Alexandra Royal residence is additionally offered by London Buses path W3.

Lewy Williams against Toyota Shibuya, that was not exactly a game that put the Ally Pally in great uproar. But from a German point of view, the finish part was fascinating, because: was wanted the two-round opponent of Gabriel Clemens next Thursday.

Gabriel Clemens - Vor der PDC-WM 2020

It became a clear thing: Williams, the only 19-year-old Prince of Wales, dominated the Japanese at will, all two legs went to Shibuya. The Welsh came to a 93er average and a checkout ratio of 40 percent. Gaga Clemens, the German number one, will have exactly hunted.

The second and the fourth duel were one-sided, Jason Lowe moved after a 3-0 against the Sweden Daniel Larsson Locker in the second round, which clearly favored Dave China did not make a chance (3: 1). With its fifth match dart, the semi-finalist ended the game of 2021.

The fabulous appearance of the Mervin King

But in between it brooded again in the Alexandra Palace. Ryan Joyce, World Cup quarter finalist of 2019, against the living Dartslandende Mervin King — that did not sound bad!

Joyce, The Relentless (the relentless), initially made his nickname all honor, while the king behavior re (a). The first two sentences went to Joyce, and with a rich average of 105.

But King, who belongs to the most elegant passers of the tour, had the people left behind. Chucked by the fans, the semi-finalist turned up from 2009, gained leg around Leg. And Joyce? Many opportunities left unused and was not relentless. In the second leg of decision-making, he did not manage nine darts to check out 116.

A few minutes later, Joyce then had behind him. King checked at the end 110 — and actually brought the ninth leg in a row! Joyce had hurriedly hurried after half the White Wash, come from the stage.

The results of Tuesday afternoon

Lewy Williams (Wales) — Toyota Shibuya (Japan) 3: 0

Jason Lowe (England) — Daniel Larsson (Sweden) 3: 0

Mervin King — Ryan Joyce (England) 3: 2

Dave China (England) — Mike De Decker (Belgium) 3: 1

VR Corporate Circle Multus 12 billion new investments Cumulative investment 2 2 billion

Enhanced reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the things that stay in the real globe are enhanced by computer-generated affective info, occasionally throughout multiple sensory modalities, consisting of visual, acoustic, haptic, somatosensory as well as olfactory. AR can be defined as a system that includes 3 fundamental features: a mix of actual and also online globes, real-time communication, as well as exact 3D enrollment of virtual and actual items. The overlaid sensory info can be constructive (i.e. additive to the natural environment), or damaging (i.e. masking of the natural surroundings). This experience is effortlessly linked with the real world such that it is regarded as an immersive facet of the actual atmosphere. In this way, augmented reality modifies one’s continuous understanding of a real-world setting, whereas virtual reality completely replaces the user’s real-world setting with a substitute one. Enhanced reality is connected to two mostly synonymous terms: blended reality and also computer-mediated reality.
The key value of enhanced reality is the manner in which parts of the electronic world mix right into a person’s understanding of the real life, not as a basic screen of data, however via the integration of immersive experiences, which are perceived as natural components of an atmosphere. The earliest useful AR systems that provided immersive blended reality experiences for users were created in the early 1990s, beginning with the Online Components system developed at the U.S. Air Force’s Armstrong Laboratory in 1992. Business augmented reality experiences were initially presented in amusement and also gaming organizations. Consequently, augmented reality applications have extended business industries such as education, interactions, medicine, and also entertainment. In education, web content might be accessed by scanning or viewing an image with a smartphone or by utilizing markerless AR techniques. Augmented reality is made use of to improve natural atmospheres or situations and also use perceptually enriched experiences. With the help of advanced AR innovations (e.g. adding computer system vision, incorporating AR video cameras right into smartphone applications and also things recognition) the info regarding the surrounding real life of the customer ends up being interactive and digitally adjusted. Info regarding the atmosphere and also its items is superimposed on the real life. This info can be digital. Enhanced Reality is any kind of experience which is man-made and which contributes to the currently existing reality. Or real, e.g. seeing various other real noticed or determined information such as electromagnetic radio waves overlaid in specific positioning with where they really remain in room. Augmented reality additionally has a lot of capacity in the celebration as well as sharing of tacit understanding. Augmentation techniques are generally carried out in actual time and also in semantic contexts with ecological aspects. Immersive affective details is occasionally integrated with extra info like ratings over a live video clip feed of a showing off occasion. This integrates the benefits of both enhanced reality technology and directs display screen modern technology (HUD).

[Kids News 24 Park Ye Jing] Wage Em Games (Representative Materials) announced on the 15th that the Virtual Reality (VR) technology company won the new transfer of 12 billion won.

This investment is attracted to the investment of W22bn, which achieves a cumulative investment of W22bn, which is the largest of the domestic met averse VR company. Investment participated in the Seoul Medical Association Kim Xingu, B & B, and the Representative Director of B & B, and the Platform Growth Consortium.

One-melon is a ‘Life Connected Metabus’ business that connects real life and virtual reality in addition to existing VR businesses. First, we start the ‘Medical Metabus’ business that connects the hospital and virtual reality. Starting a b & American and a member of the investment partner, we extend the medical chains and partners such as plastic surgeons, diets, dentists, etc., to build a remote medical system that can be remotely under virtual reality ‘Symphony’.

Top Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Stocks in 2021!
In addition, we plan to implement a system that implements the met averse environment such as a classroom, a meeting room, such as a meeting room, a meeting room,

One-melon will be a key developer that provides all the technologies implemented in the meta bus, said a Celebration Square Chairman.

Meanwhile, the one-melon is a metabus VR specialized developer with the Wage EM Games, the Metropolitan Bus VR. 11 kinds of popular VR games were released in the United States Steam and Oculus (Oculus). Catholic University Department of Healthcare Convergence Research Institute and VR are jointly developing digital therapeutic agents as a core, and in addition to the XR (expanded reality) startup program, we have partners with VR startups throughout Korea, Japan and Europe..

If you die you agree with Kung Fu ACT SIFU Hands on 10 minutes gameplay video published Package version for overseas is also announced

The Hanson Preview SFU ( SFU- ) developed by Local has been banned by each overseas media.

This work is a Kung Fu action game that incorporates a unique system that the protagonist dies and gets. The other day, it was announced that the release will be on February 8 and February 8.

In this preview, overseas media IGN evaluates that all actions are smooth, while pointing out that it is an action that focused on protection and the performance of area migration. Game rant is The difficulty is tough but no tutorial, and it is immediately familiar with the action, and if the timing is matched, you can play like professional players.

In addition, the release of physical package version is also announced for overseas. Deployment for Japan regions is not clear, but it is said that details will be announced soon.

SFU will be released for PC (EPIC Games Store) / PS4 / PS5. Deluxe Edition Purchaser with Art book and Soundtracks can be played early for 48 hours.

[Genuine] Danseuse Wireless Controller Starlight Blue (CFI-ZCT1J05) [ Benefits] Controller for PS5 Charging Cable 3M



genuine product Danseuse Wireless Controller Nova Pink (CFI-ZCT1J03) [ Benefits] Controller for PS5 Charging Cable 3M



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