Update 2.09 has arrived for Rocket League and here is the complete list of changes and troubleshooting added to this latest patch. The long-term title football with cars, who came to the stage years ago, contains only a handful of corrections in the update 2.09. These include some smaller bug fixes, but also the introduction of Musty’s garage items arriving in the item shop. Everything is new with Rocket League Update 2.09.

Rocket League Update 2.09 Patches

Version : Rocket League V2.09

Platforms : Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S

Planned publication : 01.12.2021, 16:00 PST / 02.12.2021, 12:00 UP UTC


Navigation in the pause menu on the party screen after the game has been corrected.
Fixed several problems with the Play Again button
Fixed mistakes at LAN matches


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Musty Garage (2000 credits)

Octane (calcined)

20xx sticker

Sparkles Boost (painted)

Cristiano wheels

Standard trail (calcined)

Poof Goal Explosion (calcined)

Rocket League is available on different platforms. It can be played free of charge on Epic Games Launcher, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Further information about this patch and Musty’s garage objects can be found on the Rocket League website.