Gears of War is a collection of video games and also comics of the genus Shooter in 3rd person and action-adventure, established by Legendary Games and The Coalition. The 6 games that presently make up the series occur on the make believe earth will be and concentrate on a war between people as well as creatures called Locust. In Gears of War, the lead character is Marcus Felix, a soldier or Equipment in the union of gotten federal governments, causes his group on a goal to install the light dough pump and damage the Cicada crowd in his stamina Underground The sequel Gears of War 2 takes area six months after the events of the initial game, and follows the Delta Team and also the CGO army, which releases a direct attack versus the hollow in an effort to end the war. The 3rd installment, Gears of War 3, is concerning Marcus as well as company looking for Adam Felix to finish the existing argument arch, this is one of the most worked video game of the entire saga. On March 19, 2013, Gears of War was released: Judgment, being a prequel to the main legend. Unlike the original trilogy, the primary character is Damon Baird along with Augustus Cole. The game presents crucial information in both the campaign and multiplayer setting. After the Halo Saga, Gears of War is the second essential home for Microsoft in its Xbox brand name, gaining total sales of 32 million duplicates by the end of 2019.

The collaborations in the Fortnite Universe of Chapter 3 have started over everything, and we already have the characters of Gears of War among us. If you want to complete your challenges as the one of deck you behind a barrier, you have reached the right place.

Below you will find a guide in which to see where all the barriers are at new map of chapter 3. Either to get the experience points or unlock the Gears of War prizes, we hope it is very helpful.

Remember that the missions come accompanied by the arrival at the Skins store of Marcus Felix ​​and Wait Diaz, so if you want to go to the top with the aesthetic Gears of War and saved a good handful of turkeys, you can make you with them.

Without further delay, here you have the map with all the plates of the CGO of Fortnite, courtesy of Fortnite.GG. We hope you are very helpful during the course of the season to continue climbing levels at the battle pass.

Map with all the barriers of Gears of War in Fortnite

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